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  1. Craig McCracken
    Craig McCracken
    Looking to Purchase a TU-2 for 54 inch roland truvis sg 540, Also looking for 54 inch cold or hot laminator roll to roll.
  2. Maxisigns
    At Maxi Signs, we provide the best quality printed products at affordable prices, and offer cheap printing Australia.
  3. Fantazia
    Fantazia Baz
    Hi from Greece..! If I rememeber well you had a SC-500 like mine (?) Now you have VS as I do. How are you?
    1. Baz
      Hi there. I remember. You wanted my Roland Color Choice software. I am doing well. Keeping busy of course.

      So you bought a VS as well. Much better than the SC-500. It prints much faster (i have a dual CMYK setup). And colors seem so much better. Especially the reds.

      Anyways. Hope you are doing well and have allot of work. Nice to hear from you.

      Take care.
      Jul 15, 2019 at 3:08 PM
  4. Jthompson Designs
    Jthompson Designs Umca
    is there a way to unlock a Mutoh 1304 with issues with the smart cards "NOT ORIGINAL" message?
    1. Jthompson Designs
      Jthompson Designs
      if you would like, contact me by email info@smartpdrservices.com
      Jul 11, 2019 at 11:50 AM
  5. Jthompson Designs
    Jthompson Designs artbot
    Hey, who did your unlock on your printer if I may ask? I have a Mutoh 1304 that I am having issues with and need help ASAP. Thanks
  6. Almost Heaven Decal Co
    Almost Heaven Decal Co
    Slowly getting a grasp on things
  7. Tom S
    Tom S jfiscus
    Hello. Thanks for the reply, I'm hoping I wont need anything but its sure good to have parts contacts.
  8. alisatc
    Looking for someone to make corrugated plastic die cut signs for a yard card or lawn greeting business.
  9. Paul the plumber
    Paul the plumber
    Can ‘magic bullet’ be used to clean a solvent ink jet (mimaki) print head
  10. Russ Aubertin
    Russ Aubertin Alchemist
    I am in NH, where are you in Vermont? If you need help with your sign my number is 603-224-7446. Russ
  11. Duffa
  12. glue_ru
    Retired Xerox Technician and Facilitator. Currently working on Oce' and Canon wide format, trained on VP6250 and Jetstreams.
  13. MacCreativeStudio
    SOHO newbie and steep learning curve ! greatly appreciate advice and guidance.
  14. Greg Claiborne
  15. Mikeb64
    Mikeb64 Wizard99
  16. SDK Group
  17. Juanito Benton
    Juanito Benton
    Design and fab
  18. GAC05
    1. Eddie Greer
      Eddie Greer
      I got it. Thanks a million!!
      Jun 5, 2019
  19. Raum Divarco
    Raum Divarco
    If anyone has some Digital Finishing questions in general or about Colex feel free to reach out.
  20. Eddie Greer
    Eddie Greer GAC05
    I was wondering if you still had the service manual for the VJ-1204? If so, could you please send it info@winningstitchuation.com?

    I really appreciate your help!

    1. GAC05
      should be on the way
      Jun 3, 2019
      Eddie Greer likes this.
    2. Eddie Greer
      Eddie Greer
      Hello, I never received the service manual. Thanks.
      Jun 4, 2019