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  1. rzz112
    looking for something new
  2. lietuvonis
  3. stew1tx
    Going crazy in the crazy digital world.
  4. Riskok
    Roland / Summa user in Sweden
  5. Husky
  6. Lucky Sky
    Lucky Sky
    One-stop shop for small businesses.
  7. EZ Ink
    EZ Ink
    Has anyone successfully printed on one of these plastic canopy event tents? Thanks.
    HERMAN qure
    Hi qure,
    I am Herman from Sydney, I still can't suck the ink of Seiko W-64S from the cartridge to the head ?
    my email is :
    [email protected]

    thks mate
  9. JDC
    Has anyone had problem importing the "Bad Wrap" into flexi 12 as a .TIFF embedded image. I know it worked when i had flexi 10 cloud....
  10. depps74
    Just bought a Summa S2 tangential. Not working......
  11. mlakey65
  12. yevgeniy
    Active print shop
  13. JOE1
  14. LoRobs
    Enjoying Summer while I can
  15. Masfxdesign
  16. Margaret Mitchell
    Margaret Mitchell
    Just trying to make a decent living.
  17. Garys Decals
  18. Greg Kyler
    Greg Kyler
    City Signs Modesto, CA
  19. Brenda Nailling
  20. identity78