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  1. LaserEd
    God said "div[F(p)] x H = J + (eD/et)" and there was light.
  2. mikkoh1
  3. Aho
  5. Active Sign
    Active Sign
    Trying to take over the world one sign at a time
  6. lodcomm
    lodcomm BigfishDM
    Heyya Big Fish.. Do you still stock the thick air release vinyl? - if so what are the specs & pricing?

    1. BigfishDM
      I have a 5 mil white back bubble free that is 54"x164' $169
      Sep 17, 2018 at 8:50 AM
  7. Megagrafix
    Megagrafix nate
    That’s great Nate. I’m very happy for you. That has not been my expierience. I have been waiting 2 weeks now. Calls go into their VM, no return calls when requested or replies to our request for an update.
    Thx for your input.
  8. AceLaser
  9. Belmabdi
    Belmabdi heyskull
    Hello Dear Brother I have Xerox 8264r printer ,everything was fine until i did the cleaning cycle which was fine but ended with empty cartridge so i bought new one cartridge as usually do from the same supplier but after inserting the new cartridge the printer does not recognize it
    so any suggestions to fix this
    and is it possible to prevent that in the future by converting it to Mutoh. Any help would be appreciated
    1. SignsSupport
      Sep 11, 2018
  10. brian.martin.gnedi
  11. Palm Beach Vinyl
  12. IV
    IV CropMarks
    Howdy: I see you have a Stratojet too...we have the Shark 4' x 8' CMYK with white....may be good to stay in touch with each other in case we need to assist one way or another....we've owned ours for close to 3 years now..... Bob
  13. IV
    IV JFoerg
    Howdy: We too have a Shark CMYK and white.....might be good to stay in touch with each other to assist when needed. Thanks!
  14. Alison
    Happy every day
  15. Prototypujemy
    Prototypujemy TimToad
    Dear TimToad,

    I am from Poland - middle Europe. I have an opportunity to buy cheaply Gerber Solara IonX.

    In one of the threads you have written, that you have alternative way to organise inks to IonX.
    Could you write me, who is manufacturer and how expensive is printing with this machine?

    Best regards,
    Pawel (Paul) from Prototypujemy.pl (Poland).
  16. Prototypujemy
    CNC services in Poland
  17. Sign consultant
    Sign consultant ThatGuy
    Hi there,
    I can help you...need details of the decals....
  18. TheYallaman
    TheYallaman Jesus
    Hi Jesus,
    Do you mind sending me a copy of the Anapurna M service manual? Thanks, info@theyallaman.com
  19. Janey911
    Everything is for sale at the right price.
  20. Z SIGNS
    Z SIGNS Stickersmith llc
    you can call me at 609-209-2093