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  1. grafarte2
    grafarte2 Hielorojo
    Hi Hielorojo estoy interesado en el software graphix advantage es para un plotter gerber viejo, tu me puedes ayudar?
    1. Hielorojo
      Hola, tengo en casa unos discos del graphix advantage, si los quieres tuyos son.
      De donde eres?
      Dec 12, 2018 at 1:46 AM
  2. grafarte2
    grafarte2 Hielorojo
    Hi Hielorojo estoy interesado en el software graphix advantage es para un plotter gerber viejo, tu me puedes ayudar?
  3. Nick King
  4. California Print guy
    California Print guy
    Print perfect, install perfectly
  5. Brad Richardson
  6. WrapAbility
    Wrapping some crazy cool stuff
  7. Morgan Darnall
  8. Morgan Darnall
  9. John Morton
    John Morton
    Looking to grow your business.
  10. Kevin Saalwaechter
  11. tudouqiezi
    tudouqiezi JWEI
    很高兴看到你<img src=" title="Smile :)" />
  12. DanJay
    In the moonlight, The color and scent of the wisteria Seems far away.
  13. CL Visual
    CL Visual GAC05
    Hi, I have a job that came up in Guam. Would you be interested in helping out?
  14. ArtViz505
    It gets greater, later....
  15. Jarrod Feucht
    Jarrod Feucht
    Voodoo child
  16. Graphics Zoo
    Graphics Zoo
    Get 1 free design on us!
  17. Michael Lichnock
    Michael Lichnock inkjet frank
    hello, I saw on the forum that there is a possibility of you having a SP-300V service manual, I am looking for one so I can order the heads and get my plotter repaired, can you assist, thanks
  18. Mr. T
    Mr. T BigfishDM
    I seen a post were I noticed you were selling GFP laminators.
    Could you please price out a GFP 355th. It would need to be delivered to North Tonawanda NY 14120. We have access to a forklift for delivery.
    Thank you,
    Tracy Neal
  19. shifil_mimak
    shifil_mimak VanderJ
    I have a Mimaki JV33-160 DyeSub printer with 6.40FW Version. Ineed to convert it to BS model to use BS4 inks.
    Can u suggest me a method how to convert this JV33 mainboard to JV33BS to print with BS4 inks.
    On my JV33 the inkset now showing are SS21/ES3 Sol/AS100 Sol.
    NOT Showing BS.
  20. Mr. T
    Mr. T jfiscus
    Thanks for the reply on my post. Where did you purchase your laminator? My one concern is we use oracal laminate and it is reverse wound. Have you had any experience with that?
    Thank you, Tracy
    1. jfiscus
      We purchased our laminator from our local vendor. The wind of the laminate doesn't matter you'll just be using the upper bar backwards, the only powered parts are the rollers and the take-up reel. I trained everyone in the office how to use ours in a couple hours, never had an issue out of it.
      Dec 5, 2018
    2. jfiscus
      Gloss/optically clear laminate is a bit trickier than anything else to load with the plastic liner, but after the initial setup it goes fine. The vendor we purchased them from is called Trigon Imaging, we bought 2 from them. We used to have a Arctic and a Seal laminator but those are gone now thankfully.
      Dec 5, 2018