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Signs101 Posting Policy

Please adhere to the following guidelines* so that we may keep the Signs101 Forum running smoothly, with a minimal amount of drama. We strive to maintain a FRIENDLY and PROFESSIONAL atmosphere. At times it will be necessary for the Signs101 Moderating Team to delete posts that are off topic or just inappropriate for the Signs101 community. If a member refuses to follow the rules beneath, the Signs101 Administration reserves the rights to delete/edit posts which violate our policy, as well as issue bans to any offending members. We want to keep the site informative and professional. Should any questions or issues arise regarding our posting policies, please feel free to Contact Signs101 or File a Support Ticket. We will be happy to clarify and/or assist.

Please see the Signs101 Terms of Service to review your agreement as a registered Signs101 member. Check the Signs101 Privacy Policy page for information on how we use registered members' information.

  1. General Rules of Member Conduct
  2. Miscellaneous Rules & Re: Forum Etiquette
  3. The Signs101 Stance Summarized
  4. Re: Possible Registration Delay

General Rules of Member Conduct

  1. Each member is allowed one Signs101 Forum account. Registering multiple accounts is not allowed, and may be subject to account(s) deletion.
  2. Signs101 Forum is an English-as-first-language forum. If you are going to start a non-English thread on these forums, please also add an English translation of your post.
  3. Treat people in the manner that you yourself would want them to treat you.
  4. While debating and discussion is fine (in their appropriate section of course - see rule #5 below), we will not tolerate rudeness. Intentional and unnecessarily violent, objectionable, pornographic, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, ageist and/or posts of personal attacks or purposeless hate is not acceptable here at Signs101 Forum. Use common sense. The Signs101 Moderating Team reserves the right to move and/or delete any posts in violation of this rule.
    1. Flaming is the act of posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting, usually in the social context of a discussion board on the Internet. No FLAMING of other members. Harassment of fellow board members will not be tolerated and may be subject to immediate banning. The Signs101 Moderating Team reserves the right to remove offensive posts without notice.
    2. Our intent is that Signs101 be as free of offensive language and images as possible. Our language censoring filter is active, meaning posts having "*****" or similar asterisk correction include word(s) that have been auto-blocked by our filter. Members who continually post such language may expect a warning which will be followed by suspension if repeated and removal from our community if repeated again. The same approach will be taken with images of an offensive nature. This subjective moderating will be handled at the discretion of the Signs101 Moderating Team. If in doubt of whether your words and/or images are in violation of this policy: don't post it. The only exception to this rule can be seen directly below in rule #5.
  5. As a forum for sign professionals, we do engage in debate/discussion of issues unrelated to the business (i.e. religious, political, off-color humor or items in bad taste, etc...). Signs101 Forum has a section specifically allocated for these more off-topic discussions: Entertainment, Humor and Spoofs. It is the only place for these types of discussions. For those with a thin skin, this section is not the place for you. This section will not be policed as the rest of the site will be. We will not tolerate personal attacks or off-color remarks in any other section of the site. Any such posts will be summarily removed from public view, with repercussions in the form of a warning up to site ban may be issued to the offending member.
  6. Spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the Signs101 email and conversation (PM) system to spam other members. **NOTE** A general rule of thumb is to refrain from posting your unsolicited, personal website links, email address, and other identifying contact information, unless you have upgraded your membership status to Premium and/or Merchant Member. Otherwise your posted content may be considered SPAM and subject to deletion. The only exception to this particular rule can be seen below via the "Miscellaneous Rules & Re: Forum Etiquette" section, rule #4 sub-section #3, which states, "Referrals to vendors (merchant subscriber or not) are allowed and are encouraged when a member requests such a referral."
  7. Signs101 Forum takes copyright very seriously, so we insist that anything you post in the forums be either your own or clearly marked as otherwise, citing the author whenever possible. This rule includes the sharing of digital files as discussed below in the "Miscellaneous Rules & Re: Forum Etiquette" rule #9.
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Miscellaneous Rules & Re: Forum Etiquette

  1. Request For Quotes: Threads requesting quotes for products or services will no longer be permitted throughout the forum. Instead, please insert such requests in the Member to Member Classifieds • Bids Wanted section which is free for all Registered Members. Requests in other forums will result in the thread being removed from public view, with a warning being sent to the offending member. Please be advised that such requests leave you at high risk of being disappointed and we recommend, as an alternative, that you shop among our Merchant Members or ask for referrals to capable, trustworthy suppliers. Members may still post requests for referrals to suppliers in our forums.
    1. Please Note: Signs101 has Premium & Merchant Member forums which are hidden from regular members. These hidden forums house 1000s of additional, helpful posts.
      A Premium or Merchant subscription is required to access the hidden sections. Click here for Subscription Information.
  2. Request For Donations: Members are neither allowed to seek out donations, nor fund raise on Signs101 Forum for any purpose, without first obtaining permission from the Signs101 Administration. Please Open A Support Ticket if you'd like to make such a request.
  3. Search Before Asking: Signs101 houses a vast wealth of information within the forums. As such, we've made an incredibly Advanced Search feature available to all registered members. We advise members to use the search functionality before posting a question in the forum.
  4. No Unauthorized Self-Promotion:
    1. No posts are allowed by any member which promote themselves, their products or their services or something they wish to sell without either a merchant subscription or the permission of an admin prior to posting it. The only exception we allow for this particular policy is when a new member introduces his/herself to the community via the New Member Introductions section as owner of a signmaker-related website.
    2. No posts are allowed by any member which promote someone else, their products or their services who is not a merchant subscriber when a merchant subscriber exists who deals in the same or similar product or service except as noted in sub-rule #3 below.
    3. Referrals to vendors (merchant subscriber or not) are allowed and are encouraged when a member requests such a referral.
    4. Posts by members that link to other sites and vendors and which are interpreted by any member of the Signs101 Moderating Team as being unauthorized promotion are subject to deletion or modification and may result in disciplinary action against the member.
    5. Posts, by other than Merchant Member subscribers, offering to buy, sell, hire, seeking an installer etc. which are covered by our Member to Member Classifieds • For Sale section are not permitted in the forums and should be placed in the classified ad section. Posts with such content are subject to deletion.
  5. Advertising: Threads and posts -- by any member other than a Merchant Member or Administrator -- advertising goods, services, requests for quotes, employment or upcoming events will no longer be permitted in any forum. They are to be posted on in an appropriate category: Classified Advertisements section. Any such threads or posts created in any other section will be deleted.
    1. Please Note: Merchant Members are exempt from this rule, however, and are permitted to make self-promoting posts and self promoting replies to posts made in forums.
      A Merchant Membership subscription is required for this exemption. Click here for Subscription Information.
  6. Trolling For Business: The only times when making such offers is appropriate at Signs101 Forum is when you have paid to upgrade your membership or when a poster specifically asks for quotations for work to be produced. Any other act of self-promotion is specifically against forum policy.
    1. Anyone receiving unwanted solicitations from other members is encouraged to Open A Support Ticket with the details including copies of the solicitations. Our response will be a two strike policy. 1st strike the offending member is suspended from the Signs101 Forum for a duration of one week. 2nd strike and the offending member is permanently banned from participating in our community.
    2. We have numerous Merchant Members who are short changed by such behind the scenes activities. In addition, if you are looking for business from other members, Merchant Membership is very easy to put into effect and, we think, very reasonably priced. See the Paid Membership page for more information.
    3. To those among you who perhaps made offers that were such that you may have only had in your mind to be helpful, please take no offense at these remarks ... but please refrain in the future from making unsolicited offers through these boards.
  7. Duplicate & Cross Posting: Merging duplicate posts & threads and/or sorting which duplicate posts will be kept or removed can often be a daunting task on such a board the size of Signs101 Forum. Duplicate posts are a waste of everyone's time and are not permitted. They -- along with any replies to them -- will be removed from public view at the discretion of the Signs101 Moderating Team.
  8. Post In Correct Section: For members who have never noticed, the sections at Signs101 Forum are strategically categorized. Posting a new thread in the incorrect section only creates more work for the Signs101 Moderating Team, who would generally follow a multi-step procedure to move the thread to its correct section. We expect members to select the most appropriate forum for your post, and please post in only one forum. As noted above cross posting wastes our limited resources and will result in all duplicates being deleted. Use the Quick Navigation to view a Quick Navigation Menu of available forums.
    1. So In Short: If you have a font question, don't post it in General Topics. Post it in the Fonts and Typography section. If you're looking to sell a plotter, don't post it in General Chitchat. Post it in the Member to Member Classifieds • For Sale.
      A Premium or Merchant subscription is required to post a For Sale ad. Click here for Subscription Information.
  9. File Sharing Is Not Allowed: Signs101 Forum has many members here whom are generous of nature and may not realize the inappropriateness of supplying digital files, not of their own creation, to others who may need them. Many members here do, in fact, recognize the inappropriateness of such activity. Some members here, are, in fact, in the business of creating such intellectual property and are highly concerned about the growing tendency among some to give and receive digital files which they have no right to transfer.
    1. In Short: Signs101 Forum is not to be used for soliciting the transfer of digital files. You can ask where to obtain needed artwork or ask how to go about creating it, but you cannot ask someone to give it to you at this forum.
    2. It is the policy of Signs101 Forum to encourage pointing members to where they can obtain what they seek but, at the same time to remove any post which solicits any other member(s) to transfer any artwork, logo or other graphic product.
  10. Bumping Threads: Please wait a reasonable amount of time (24-48 hours) before bumping newly posted threads. The Signs101 Moderating Team will bump your threads when necessary. In the meantime - feel free to participate in the forums.
  11. Reporting Offending Posts: Signs101 Forum is a rather large community. And though we have a policy in place to thwart spam posts, members trolling for business, profile posts offering products or services and other objectionable posting activities, sometimes such offending users do register. The Signs101 Moderating Team would very much appreciate you as fellow community members report any such offending posts. Simply click the Report icon that appears in a row of buttons on every forum post. Our Support Ticket system is also available.
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The Signs101 Stance Summarized

Signs101 Forum has taken a rather liberal approach to moderating the forums: There is very little editing/revising/deleting of members' posts in general and we'd like to keep it that way. As with laws of any land, there may be the rare exception made at the discretion of the Signs101 Moderating Team. With this in mind - Let's reiterate a few ground rules that will let us keep our exceptions down to the bare minimum:

  1. The maxim "Treat others how you want to be treated; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; Speak to and of others how you would like to be spoken to and about; Feel about others how you would have them feel about you; Think of others the way you would like to be thought of; Make an effort to respect even the unrespectable." is the type of environment we're creating here at Signs101 Forum. This most golden of rules is particularly important!
  2. Intentional and unnecessarily violent, objectionable, pornographic, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, ageist and/or posts of personal attacks or purposeless hate is not acceptable here at Signs101 Forum. Use common sense.
  3. Harassment of any kind is neither wanted here, nor is it acceptable. Member-on-member harassment is subject harsh repercussions. Report any offending posts by using the Report icon. Alternatively, Submit Support Ticket with information on any possible harassment.
  4. Be aware that the Signs101 Moderating Team reserves the right to remove offensive posts without notice and at their discretion. If you have any issue with the removal and/or revision of your post(s), please Open A Support Ticket with your concern. Discussion of Signs101 Staffs' moderation will be removed from public view.
  5. Membership at Signs101 Forum is a privilege, not a right.
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RE: Possible Registration Delay

  1. In an effort to keep Signs101 Forum clear of SPAM, we've developed the following registration policy as noted in the announcement made at Registration:

    Registering with Signs101 Forum is 100% FREE. All membership registrations, however, are manually processed. If all the required fields are not filled out your membership will be revoked. If you have nothing to do with topics of this site you will not be granted access.

    Please allow 8-24 hrs to get access.

    If your sole purpose here is to register your Signs101 account in order to post information about your website/internet venture or advertise really inexpensive Samsung S3 cellphones or show us links to the best internet pornography or show us the myriad of other SPAM directives, then you are most definitely in the wrong place! Your post(s) and/or thread(s) will be deleted and you will be banned forthright from Signs101 Forum.

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  • * While these guidelines cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure Signs101 Forum is not disrupted or abused in any way.

  • You are responsible for reviewing the Signs101 Forum Posting Policy. We reserve the right to modify these posting policies at any time. Your continued use of Signs101 Forum constitutes your agreement to accept these terms of service and acceptance of any future changes to these terms of service.

  • We reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the Signs101 Forum Posting Policy, as again, access to our forum is a privilege and not a right.

Last modified: October 12, 2018