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Can all RIPs "combine" jobs into one larger job?

Discussion in 'RIP Software & Color Management' started by johntech, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. johntech

    johntech New Member

    Jun 20, 2020
    Miami, FL
    Sorry for the probably dumb question as I'm new to RIP software...

    Let's say you have a UV Printer that has a print area that can print (4) 12 inch x 12 inch squares at a time.

    And let's say each square will be a different job (order).

    So you have four files... Customer1, Customer2, Customer3, Customer4 -- each representing the design file for their 12x12 square print.

    Will RIP software, like Rasterlink for Mimaki printers or something like Flexi, let you define the 'coordinates' of your printer area and then will it try and FIT your outstanding jobs like for example these (4) jobs that could all fit at the same time?

    Or would you have to use a process to 'combine' all 4 separate design files into ONE file that will print as one job?

    I guess what I'm asking in a round about way...

    Is there a way (or separate software?) that can help manage individual jobs you need to print as well as a way to make use of the available space you have in your Print Area it can help combine them as necessary?

    Thanks for any insights.
  2. iPrintStuff

    iPrintStuff Prints stuff

    Sep 3, 2018
    United Kingdom
    As someone mentioned in the other thread, rasterlink has a jig function that does pretty much exactly what you want it to. It does however mean you’d have to find a way to create the jig(s) but they should also save a lot of time on layout.

    I will point out that as far as a rip goes, rasterlink is the least favourite I’ve used. It does what it needs to but looks like it was made in 2003 and has way too many pages to go through to set up one job.

    remember it’s not as simple as just laying out the acrylic on a flatbed and hitting print. You’d need them all to have bleeds and would need the acrylic to be separated by about 1/4” or so. Much easier to do with a jig than by yourself lol

    We don’t actually have a flatbed but have a CNC, when we needed a job done before on a flatbed we made our own jig, laid out the panels and then pretty much used the jig file as an artwork file and just hid the jig layer. Worked fine.
  3. johntech

    johntech New Member

    Jun 20, 2020
    Miami, FL
    Thanks for your reply.

    I was trying to refer more to something like taking a batch of jobs (designs) and have the software (or some other script) manipulate them to fit into one large project.

    So let's say there IS a jig file & design setup. Let's say the jig holds (6) 12x12 inch pieces of acrylic. 3 across one row then across a row beneath that, and let's say the pieces are separated by 1/4inch on all sides.

    Numbering them on a layout it would look:

    1 2 3
    4 5 6

    Is there a separate script that can be created (or software API?) or a way to 'program' Rasterlink or Flexi so it can see a 'pile' of unfinished jobs and if the jobs (based on their dimensions) can FIT into available space on the next master job (which uses the Jig file) is it able to do that?

    i.e. without manually going onto the one master jig file and I guess pasting in a design into each of the (6) spots, is there a more efficient/automated way for the software to do this?

    Such as if you had (100) different 12x12 inch designs you needed to print, and your Jig (and print area on your printer) can do (6) at a time. Is there any sort of automated or easier way to have the (100) designs made into *25* project files (which would be 6 designs for each) and put the appropriate design of each of the six in the right position on the jig?

    Hope that makes sense.
  4. AF

    AF Active Member

    Dec 8, 2013
    Ventura, CA
    I can confirm that Colorgate has a function like you describe. You combine multiple jobs and can manually or automatically arrange the layout. It is called “Container” in Colorgate speak.
  5. jimdtg

    jimdtg Member

    Jun 18, 2017
    Some places in earth
  6. iPrintStuff

    iPrintStuff Prints stuff

    Sep 3, 2018
    United Kingdom
    Didn’t go into enough detail in the first post, It’s possible in rasterlink.

    basically what happens is you have two choices when setting up the jig, you can load one file and say you need “x” copies on the x-axis, and then “x” copies on the y-axis. And it’ll print a sheet of the same file.

    Or you can group say four images and then set up the jig using those four images. So yes, what you’re saying is entirely possible in rasterlink.

    this may help

  7. Reveal1

    Reveal1 Active Member

    Nov 7, 2010
    Cape Girardeau, MO
    It's called 'nesting; in Flexi Production manager (the RIP in the FlexiSign suite). You can manually nest or the app will automatically nest everything. Basically highlight all the jobs with same print profile and click nest. Can set no. of copies for each before or after nested.
  8. peerlessdani

    peerlessdani Member

    Jun 4, 2020
    Can't you position your machine to start at a certain base point?