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forgot to turn heat back on

Discussion in 'Roland' started by KARYN BUSH, Aug 9, 2012.


    KARYN BUSH Member

    Oct 14, 2003
    Hey ya folks!

    So I forgot to turn the heat back on after I cut something...and of course had to print on 5ft of controltac. Surprisingly enough it looks fine...which is weird because I've done this before and could tell immediately. My question to you guys....should I just laminate and forgetaboutit and hope for the best...or do think it will do some weird gas out thing when the hot sun hits it. It's been over 24 hrs since it was printed...and it was probably 75 degrees in here when I did print it.
    Just wondering if its happened to anyone else and they have a horror story to share.

    Thanks in advance!:rock-n-roll:

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