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Used Value of Epson Stylus Pro 9600

Discussion in 'Epson' started by WCSign, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. WCSign

    WCSign Member

    Mar 12, 2012
    Bay Area
    So I know its basically for large photo prints etc. but if anyone has any insight on this thing, please let me know, any comments would be appreciated.

    Heres the story.. im unwrapping and rewrapping a van.. one of my neighbors stops and starts asking questions. Seems he is a pastor of a church and someone donated a used epson 9600 to him. he doesnt have the ability to use it, so we discussed trading the printer for some design work, car graphics, coro stuff and banners. The printer has been sitting out a few months (outside, no rain, covered) I'm sure its going to need a solid cleaning at the very least.

    From what I understand, its possible to manually clean the printhead and lines?

    assuming this thing runs, whats the value? looks like they were 5k new

    I do a decent enough amount of photo prints that I wouldnt mind leaving a roll of that material loaded onto this machine and keep my versacamm printing other stuff.

    I would be interested in having it to do wall wraps also.. if thats feasible.

  2. JMDigital

    JMDigital Active Member

    Oct 15, 2005
    Guessing that it works.. here is 2 for sale

    See if they will let you get it inside and test it.
    If it works and you can get it for a good deal I would not mind
    that type of deal.. I would not go looking to buy one but
    you may have a shot at a good photo printer for
    a trade of work for the church. Just don't get sucked into
    printing stuff for them forever.. make it clear the printer
    can be found in working order not sitting outside ever
    for about 1000.00 even less if you look harder
    then a quick eBay search..

    You probably know this but for the benefit of anyone else

    I don't see a problem doing wall wraps with it. You know this is most likely loaded with pigment ink. So no outdoor stuff unless its laminated, when you want to purchase any media it has to be coated for pigment based printers. Its more expensive to print with it verses a solvent based printer
    however it has its perks. Profesional photographers, and painters that want to make prints of their work will flock to a pigment based printer rather then solvent, plus the EPSON name makes them happy for some
    strange reason. It does great on canvas and they like that. Damn now
    I want to find the church and pick it up.. :Big Laugh:Big Laugh

    Post what you wind up doing!
  3. WCSign

    WCSign Member

    Mar 12, 2012
    Bay Area
    thanks for the info.. yeah we discussed getting it over to my house and cleaning it up and testing it next week. I was thinking of giving him $1000 worth of credit "if" we get it working properly.

    I own a magazine so I work with a few cool photographers and I also do prints for a gallery in Oakland as well as a high end doggie daycare place whose owner is a painter. So I could definately get some use out of the higher quality and the name, like you say.

    I read up on the interior vs exterior issues on the forums here, thats a bummer for sure. If I didnt have the couple of print customers that I have now, I wouldnt even consider it, unless I was going to sell it

    Thanks for the info and the link, ill definately let you know

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