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Vector Doctor strikes again!

Discussion in 'Vendor Shout Out' started by signgal, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. signgal

    signgal Very Active Member

    Dec 29, 2009
    Although I have used Eric's stellar service in the past, I'm singing his praises today because I didn't use his service!

    I have a job where I have to duplicate old signs and there is only one word on the sign in a font I was not familiar with. Immediately, I thought, I only need the one word, I'll just have Eric do his magic from a photo of it. If he's familiar with the font, as he often is, then he can let me know what it is in case they want to use it again. It's a high-end job so I wasn't concerned about cost, for a change.

    He wrote me right back, suggesting I ask around here for the font ID and obtain the font rather than pay him to do a lot of work on it. That my friends is class! It's refreshing to work with someone who has the same ethic level you do, yourself.

    Thanks again, Eric!
  2. TheSnowman

    TheSnowman Major Contributor

    Aug 28, 2007
    Yep, he's done that switcharoo to me a couple times too, very helpful man. Now if we can just keep him out of the "feminine hygiene" ads online, he'll be good to go!

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