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  1. hbb2008
    Kinda looks like it might be static or deflected nozzles from ink clogs. I only use water based ink and when that happens its hard for me to recover. Humidity at proper levels is a must too that...
  2. Terry01
    Roland printer with possible static problem.. Make sure your power lead and take up leads are't wrapped around the leg of your printer as a thought.
  3. Pideas
    Yes, it's a Royal Sovereign. We didn't figure out what is causing it but if we held one side of the roll as it was laminating, it would fix the wrinkles. This is a quick fix but I still don't...
  4. Ben Camacho
    As soon as I saw this picture it reminded me of my laminator.. From the picture it looks like you have a Royal Sovereign laminator. I also have one. Did you figure out what was causing this?
  5. nolanola
    I agree. Looks a little sad.

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