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Sep 3, 2016
Sep 6, 2008
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Sep 3, 2016
    1. anotherdog
      With print, laminate and cut workflow it doesn't laminate, it allows you to remove the print, laminate on a laminator then return it to the printer were it will read the crop marks and then cut the decal.
      This is something the bigger ones do, I was surprised that the BN can also read cropmarks.
      It's a nice machine with the metalic in too (almost never use), but for the same price you may be able to pick up a used VP or SP. They are workhorses and last a long time (mine is 5 years old).
      The worst thing is to lock into a machine that limits your business. You may not earn income with larger work now, but as your business matures you may regret the smaller machine. Remember if you are earning a living off it, the lease cost is one of your smaller overheads.

      Also the white ink... on many even more expensive machines the white sometimes needs a couple of hits to be dense enough. Take your files to a dealer. Don't buy without a thourough demo of what you need.

      Good luck!
    2. DHCS12

      You mentioned in your post that the BN can print, laminate, and cut. Then later on you mentioned that I would need a cold laminator. If the BN can laminate, why would I also need a cold laminator?
    3. anotherdog
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