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Oct 8, 2018
Aug 16, 2006
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South Toms River, NJ

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Active Member, Male, from South Toms River, NJ

Cranking away as usual and learning something new every day! Apr 8, 2017

os101king was last seen:
Oct 8, 2018
    1. os101king
      Cranking away as usual and learning something new every day!
    2. os101king
      Fenris, my avatar is a chromed "S" with an orange crown. In the original version of our logo it's graffitized and there are arrows running through and behind the logo. That's what those bits shadowed along the bottom are, chromed arrows.
    3. os101king
      Thanks man! Yeah, I came back on to ask a question about clipart recently. Found an item that was obviously vector pre-made and a client wanted it re-set for a tshirt. I didn't really have the time or want to trace, vector and clean since it was a million straight lines... so I posted asking anyone if they had sportfishing boat clipart. Well, this numbnuts reads this, finds my website and quotes a line that says something about "no pre-made or templated art here at our shop" and think's he's being smart by re-posting that in the thread.

      Soured me on S101 again REAL quick. I'll get over it... I mean I've found out plenty of great info and gotten plenty of inspiration on here (never would have found Letterhead without it) but it's tough to deal with the assholes sometimes.
    4. iSign
      hahaha... I just HAD to see what "bob response" would become sole justification of a friendship... so I looked it up based on the date. This may not have been it last time... but I'll "friend" ya for it <img src=" title="Smile :)" />
      bob Quote below:

      bob, "Once and for all. Shut the f**k up. I will not even justify your "question" with a response. After all, you have absolutely no interest in differing opinions, only in how you can, in your INFINITE wisdom, somehow disprove those opinions.

      Sorry, but I had to say it. You seem to have a vindictive streak that would make Dick Cheney want to hug a puppy. You are a dark and very seriously disturbed human being, and one only has to research your posts to prove this point.

      Oops. I'm forgetting something.... I'm wrong. Isn't that your answer in short? Bet it was."
    5. WhiskeyDreamer
      i gotta ask cause i have been trying and can't figure it out.....what is your avatar?
    6. os101king
      I feel as if I've seen the clouds part now that I've ignored ol' Bobbo. It's a different board!!! Yeah, maybe I've gotten into "shouting" matches with Shovel and Mason and a couple others... but it's always sorted out. That guy's just smoking yellow chunk of evil. ("Mum! Dad! Don't touch it! It's EVIL!" what movie is THAT from?)
    7. Marlene
      after the bob response, I've got to have you as a friend!
      1. os101king likes this.
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  • About

    Home Page:
    South Toms River, NJ
    South Toms River
    United States
    Experience Level:
    More than 5 years
    Work Description:
    Signs, Stickers, Banners, Vehicle Lettering, Graphic Design, General Mayhem
    Plotters & Printers:
    Mimaki JV150-130, Mimaki CG130-FXII
    Signmaking & Graphics Software:
    Flexi Cloud, Adobe CS, Corel, My hands and a wacom tablet.
    Started doing this back in '96-'97 when my guitar player at the time had a shop and needed help. Started out weeding... then setting up jobs for this old fella who brought us scraps of crappy old vinyl. I'd have to nest everything to within a millimeter to use it up and wouldn't you know, Benny still comes to my shop now and again!! Twenty years later!

    We would tour (the band was called OS101) and I'd lose whatever job I had, but Johnny would always need help. Went from help to running a satellite shop then to running the section of the business he'd called Stuck Up Sticker Company. We were in full swing when Fast N Furious came out so you can imagine most of what I did.

    As the years went on, I specialized more in commercial and grew my own client base. Johnny eventually re-opened our satellite shop and in 2006 lost interest in running both when I purchased the name, client list and a tiny little Roland CAMM-24.... I IMMEDIATELY purchased a Mutoh 1204VJ and a graphtec cutter and was off to the races, in fact I JUST replaced those machines this year with the Mimakis. Bad decision in my opinion, I prefer the way the graphtec and the mutoh worked but these will do for now.

    So I'm spending my time now fulfilling the needs of my contractor clients and expanding my base of online sticker clients. Everything from bands to small businesses looking for product labels to one of my newest clients and one I'm so stoked to work with, the LEGENDARY Gene Winfield! I'm just happy to be able to make those stickers. So I'm doing what I love to do and growing as it goes.

    I love music, my old shitboxes and my family, not in any way in that order.

    2005 F150 FX4, still have that clunker. 2003 Monte SS taken in barter for a truck job, a 1970 E200 Van with cragars and sidepipes, a 2005 Ural Gear Up, 1966 Tbird and a '91 sportster.


    Huh? I am not a bum. I'm a jerk. I once had wealth, power, and the love of a beautiful woman. Now I only have two things: my friends and... uh... my thermos. Huh? My story? Okay. It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child.
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