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2017 SGIA Expo

Discussion in 'Trade Shows' started by Signs101Admin, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Signs101Admin

    Signs101Admin Owner

    Sep 30, 2016
    New Jersey
    [h=2]Big Imaging in the Bayou[/h][FONT=&quot]The 2017 Expo will bring together the industry’s most qualified attendees — the majority of whom have purchasing authority — to experience your company’s technology, equipment, supplies, software and applications. Leading imaging professionals from every sector of the imaging industry: Sign making, digital imaging, commercial printing and garment decoration will flood the Expo floor in search of your products, methodologies and innovative applications. Tens of thousands of educated attendees will explore the wall-to-wall exhibitor booths and meet with their colleagues, competitors, customers and potential clients, often while making immediate buying decisions right on the show floor.

    More info - https://www.sgia.org/expo/2017/exhibitors/2017-sgia-expo-exhibitor-information[/FONT]
  2. SightLine

    SightLine Premium Subscriber

    I'm going (also bringing one of my employees).... However looking at the weather forecasts, things are not looking quite as good. Depending on how it goes we might be showing up during a hurricane.

    I'm looking to pull the trigger on a new 60 inch class solvent machine while there too. Currently between Mimaki, Epson, and Seiko.
  3. Man, I was offered a chance to go but can't make it
  4. SightLine

    SightLine Premium Subscriber

    It also has struck me that the last ISA show had multiple vendors on here posting threads but almost nothing on the SGIA show next week. ?? Its a huge show too. We are staying in the French Quarter (not at one of the show sponsored hotels). If you are ever going to NO for a trade shop keep in mind, you can often stay at one of the smaller but still excellent hotels further away in the French Quarter which is much more enjoyable for tourism since you can easily walk to Bourbon St, etc. Plus if you stay on the lower part closer to Decatur St you are also just a single block from the waterfront trolley line which means cheap $1.75 trip directly to the convention center. :)
  5. JasonMeisnerSTS

    JasonMeisnerSTS Member

    Feb 19, 2015
    Boca Raton, FL

    I love that definition of Ineptocracy; Sounds like a place I know... Please come stop by Booth 3631 to see some of the new Inkjet solutions we will be releasing.
  6. ams

    ams Very Active Member

    Oct 28, 2010
    I don't have time to go, but I am going to the NBM Show in Charlotte.
  7. SightLine

    SightLine Premium Subscriber

    I've been to the Charlotte NBM show several times since that one is just over an hour from me. Its much more about decorated apparel and engraving. Last year I went and spent about 2 hours and there was just nothing else that I wanted or needed to see. Don't get me wrong, we are in apparel too and have a 4 head 15 needle as well as a single head embroidery machine, heat press, etc so there is some interest for me there but our bread and butter is the digital print side of things and in that respect there is very very little to see.
  8. BigfishDM

    BigfishDM Merchant Member

    Jun 22, 2009
    All Over
    Stay away from Seiko! Lots of issues with that company. Lots of Epsons going out and lots of Mimaki deals too!! (Of course I would recommend latex over ALL of them)
  9. SightLine

    SightLine Premium Subscriber

    Yeah I've heard similar. Since Oki, Seiko is not what they used to be as far as support and whatnot goes. I'm currently leaning the most between Mimaki (what we have run since 2003) and Epson but also going to peek at the current Mutoh offerings. Not in the least bit interested in latex..... just not very compelling over the most current generation of eco-sol machines in my opinion. I had more typed but deleted it. Not trying to get into any sort of latex vs solvent debates.... Its just not for me and with the newest eco-solvents like the Epson GS3 inks which are ready to laminate the same day (6 hours) the big time to cure advantage is shrinking rapidly.

    Nate on the other hand might or might not be a problem. Hopefully not, right now its looking like it might be gone before I'm scheduled to fly in monday afternoon.
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  10. BigfishDM

    BigfishDM Merchant Member

    Jun 22, 2009
    All Over
    Well if you do make it out and you get a few minutes, come by and say hello, I will be in booth #561 and we have Mimaki deals going on as well. Im scheduled to fly out tomorrow but we will see what happens.
  11. SightLine

    SightLine Premium Subscriber

    Ouch - from what I saw this morning you should be able to get in tomorrow if you are going during the day. Evening is when it started looking bad with landfall potentially overnight. Have not checked since early this morning though. Hoping it does not cause any problems there but then again, if it scares a ton of people away and the turnout is super low then maybe the dealers and all will be more desperate to make some sales with the manufacturers even authorizing some bigger discounts. :D

    I'm actually also planning to look close at taking a floor machine to get an even better deal.

    Oh and by the way.... some locals are really digging the holographic perf around here. I'm pretty confident we are the only ones around with it. :) Cool stuff.

    SGIA also added a note on their website an hour or so ago regarding Nate...

    "New Orleans is preparing for an unwelcome visitor, “Nate.” While Nate is expected to be in area this weekend, meteorologists expect it to be gone by the time the Expo opens on Tuesday morning. The city of New Orleans is exercising an abundance of caution regarding this storm, but we do not expect it to impact the opening of the Expo. (Updated: October 6, 11:30 am EST)"
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  12. SightLine

    SightLine Premium Subscriber

    Well - looks like Nate was much ado about nothing as far as New Orleans is concerned. Took a bit of a right turn at the last minute and ran about 50 miles east. Looks like it should be easy going and nice weather for the show! :)

    Of course many other places were not so fortunate. :( Hopefully they all recover quickly.
  13. GB2

    GB2 Very Active Member

    Nov 15, 2005
    Connecticut, USA
    Just for your info...I've been in New Orleans since Friday waiting for the show to start and the weather is absolutely beautiful. The storm completely bypassed New Orleans and there are no concerns related to that. So if you are thinking about going, don't let weather affect your decision.
  14. SightLine

    SightLine Premium Subscriber

    My biggest worry..... connection flight at Dulles (Washington). Land at 4:25 and depart at 5:10, only 45 minutes and have to go from Concourse A to Concourse D which means taking the old wacky mobile lounge between the terminals. I just noticed earlier today on my flight itinerary that it says "risky connection" :O
  15. ikarasu

    ikarasu Very Active Member

    Jun 10, 2016
    Port Coquitlam, bc
    Just chiming in... stay away from Seiko. The machines are beasts when they work, but lots of "gremlins" causing issues. Our heads keep dropping... multiple tech visits, and him bringing it up with Seiko because he was dumbfounded as to whats going on, and they replied the heads have micro scratches. Once we pointed out that doesnt explain why all 8 heads dropped at once and are constantly failing out of nowhere, they stopped replying. It's been 3 months, multiple emails to the vendor who sold the machine to us... Lots of back and fourth, and a engineer "Might" come look at our machine to diagnose it, since no one has a clue whats going on.

    Of course they wanted us to buy 8 heads to fix the problem... with no guarantee if the heads bust in a month due to whatever caused this to happen in the first time, they'd replace them. They still insist the heads are dead due to minor scratches from media rubs happening over the past 5 years.... Can't explain why the magenta we replaced less than a year ago is experiencing the same issue, or how they magically failed on the exact same day... Or why a forum search brings up multiple other people with the exact same issue... Just that we "Need" to spend 8 x $4000 to fix the machine.

    It's a big paperweight. Odds are 1 in 1000 machines might have this problem.. but the support we've recieved has soured us away from Seiko forever. We'll likely be getting an HP Latex. I wouldn't pay even 10K for a Seiko again.... so even if you see a great deal at SGIA, do some forum research. You may get a good machine, but you may not.
  16. SightLine

    SightLine Premium Subscriber

    Well..... back home and tired. Marathon few days. Flew in Monday evening and got to hotel at 8pm. Spend Tuesday from 9:15am to almost 6pm at the show and left this morning (wed) at 9am and flew back and finally got back home around 5pm local time.

    For us, the show proved beneficial. Made some good contacts and working on a deal for a new machine. Got to very closely look at the few I was considering except one, I'll elaborate on that in a bit. So anyways ultimate have not nailed anything 100% down but surprisingly I'm now heavily leaning toward the one brand I was considering the least, Mutoh. Giving some very strong consideration to the 1638X. Solid machine with awesome print quality. They are open about support, you can even download and update the firmware yourself. No need to pay or wait for some tech (in my case likely no more qualified to do engineering level troubleshooting or tech work than myself) to deal with something, etc. Ran into quite a number of people I’ve met before as well as putting same faces to names as well like BigFishDM (Josh from Gans ink), Jason Meisner from STS Inks, and a good number of others. Overall it was a good show but not as big as I was expecting. Only a couple of 5 meter class machines from brands I’ve never heard of, no bucket trucks, etc but I do realize this is SGIA which encompasses more than say ISA with is much more sign industry specific. A few I was surprised did not show as well like Fellers for one… 3M had a tiny tiny little booth that appeared unmanned and was just there to pitch some program of theirs (not a single thing about materials, tools, etc), Red Roof Inn had a more impressive showing than 3M and they are not related to the industry at all other than travelling installers might stay there sometimes.

    The Mutoh machine impressed me as well. Not as flashy or “cool” looking in its somewhat generic vanilla colors but looks are not everything. Very solid machine, very fast, excellent quality. Other than the rather pedestrian looks the only thing that’s just looks odd and out of place to me is inks at both ends vertically positioned like they are. When you did in some though it is a more logical way of setting things up. Just so unlike “everyone else” that it does at first appear a bit odd.

    I gave the Seiko a good close look as well and yes, it is one darn solid machine and has industrial printheads (big plus but as ikarasu mentioned above, EXTREMELY expensive if one needs replaced) and while I'm standing there watching it run the media is buckling and the wet ink is rubbing on the top lid because the takeup is completely jacked up and winding the material up in a very sloppy manner. To their credit, when I pointed this out and that it is not making a very impressive performance someone did find a guy who knows how to use the machine and he stopped it immediately and blamed the issue on whoever started the material onto the takeup. With my time short I could not hang around to see if that performance would repeat..

    Spent a good 30 minutes or more looking very close at the Epson. Amazing machine and appears to be as solid as they come and stunning print quality. Just as I expected. Having never really looked at an Epson before I dug some. Just as I did every machine I looked close at I'm opening covers, literally grabbing the machine and shaking it and whatnot (I want to know how solid it is and not going to flop about like some plastic junk). Asked the guy there how do I change one of those capping top rubbers. You don’t, you change the entire capping station itself. Not a $15 rubber cap, a several hundred dollar bit. I said what I'f we are out of warranty and the gasp, unfortunate head strike happens and some bit causes a small nick in one of the cap top rubbers? I'm told it is not possible. LOL Ok so after a bit an Epson tech is there (not just a sales mouth) and at least he admits it is highly unlikely but not impossible. My final determination on the Epson though, if you only ever will run OEM inks and never plan on doing much service yourself, it really is an awesome machine. I DO like it, a lot. Epson has gone ultra tech on their new ink chip encryption though. There are no third party ink options for the newer Epson’s (I say newer but the GS3 inks and these models have been out for quite a while now). Epson has just really locked them down. They have spent a lot of engineering effort on making them killer machines and also spent a good bit of effort making sure no one else copies them or even tries making a third party ink for them. That is a bit heavy handed for me personally - I mean what if Toyota owned a fuel company also and then did something to their new cars so that you could only ever run their own Toyota brand fuel?? Sorry but no, that does not fly with me.

    Very much a disappointment to me was Mimaki who was one of the top Platinum sponsors of the show with one of the largest displays. They did not bother to bring one single JV or CJV machine to display. No JV150, no JV300, no CJV150, no CJV300..... WTF? That boggles my mind and does not even make any sense to me at all. These are fairly new and current machines and arguably the successors to some of the most sold workhorse machines over many years in the US in the size class (under 64” solvent). I walked around the Mimaki area for a good 10 minutes and finally asked one Mimaki staffer where is the solvent machines. He seemed pretty disinterested in my query and vaguely indicated over on some other side. So after wandering a bit more and getting quite irritated and annoyed that no one was even trying to speak to me (HELLO, I'm here to maybe spend tens of thousands of dollars on one of your machines and have owned 2 JV33, 2 JV3, and one CJV cutter over the years...). Oh wait, I wore shorts and sneakers.... Maybe it was my relaxed??? Um, I'm here as the customer, I'm not here to impress you. However, if you want my hard earned money (and I was prepared to write a check on the spot for the right deal), you damn sure better be trying to impress me. Not to mention that its 80+ degrees with stifling humidity in New Orleans right now. So anyways – I finally started really asking someone a bit more firmly, where the heck is the main machine I just spent a couple of grand travelling to come and evaluate at??? After some time, two Mimaki staffers, both very helpful, and thank you so much Ryosuke Nakayama (who is in the textile end of Mimaki but still helped me out) and the other gentleman who I failed to get a card from – you two guys were outstanding and very helpful much unlike your employer and most others at your booth. Anyways these two quickly realized that I’d like to see the current Mimaki machines so they escorted me across the show floor to the N Glantz booth (a supplier of ours) who did have a single CJV150-130. Not exactly the machine I wanted to see but apparently only one of about three current Mimaki eco-solvent machines at the entire show. I’ll lastly add because I feel its also important to note, I spoke to several Mimaki dealers at the show and every one I mentioned it to seemed genuinely shocked and dismayed that Mimaki themselves did not bother to bring one single eco-solvent machine. Mimaki really only seemed interested in pitching their new roll to roll UV machine (which by the way is very impressive and I was also VERY impressed by how much stretch that UV ink was capable of on a demo of it on a car hood!). They also has on display their flatbeds, dye sub only machines, and oddly a new Mimaki laminator (ideal for eco-solvent prints???).

    So that’s my review of the show. I’ve been to quite a number of shows ISA, SGIA, NBM, etc. over the years and this was a good one but at the same time a bit odd in some ways. Maybe the manufacturers are starting to divide out some between graphics and general printing with some dye sub, sign industry specific, and decorated apparel. I personally do think there are too many overlapping different “brand” shows so maybe some consolidation is in order. Or maybe further separation into more specific industries with less overlap?
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