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Another vinyl removal question

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by jsmoritz2000, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. jsmoritz2000

    jsmoritz2000 Very Active Member

    This topic sort of goes with the topic of vinyl removal on old illuminated faces, but I decided to start a new thread.

    My question is this...

    From everyone's experience where do you draw the line between removal and replacement of graphics on the existing panel and complete panel replacement altogether? I would like tips and tricks on what to look for when a panel has become too old and requires replacement. Are there any specific things to look for that would indicate that a panel's structural integrity may be compromised?

    Also, along these lines, is there a certain point at which panel replacement becomes a more economical alternative to removal and replacement of graphics? Is the age and condition of the graphics always a factor or can sheer size become a critical factor as well?

    Just looking for any opinions on this.
  2. Craig Sjoquist

    Craig Sjoquist Major Contributor

    Jun 18, 2004
    Ok ...If the panel is yellowing .. replace

    If the vinyl letters are severely cracking like the reds & blues... replace

    You can remove old vinyl with a steam wall paper remover fairly easy even cracked just takes a few hours or way less...But add all that up new panels seem rather low cost.

    Replacement if panels are old & yellow or with severely cracked baked in vinyl is a easy choice, the rest depends on your time, customers willingness with cash, clients reaching for.

    It used to be all painted on back side so when using cleaner if it started crazing.. replaced.
  3. signage

    signage Major Contributor

    Oct 5, 2005
    Easiest way to figure is to guesstimate how long it would take you to remove and clean panel, then take that time at your shop rate. Then compare the costs of the two, only thing to remember is it usually takes longer to remove than you think!
  4. 401Graphics

    401Graphics Very Active Member


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