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Anyone having trouble running Mambo Fabric?

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Brob86, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Brob86

    Brob86 New Member

    Jul 27, 2009
    I have a job in which the customer wants me to use this mambo fabric. Here is a clip from there pdf.
    Mambo Fabric​
    Mambo is a 100% polyester fabric with a unique coating offering the highest color brilliance and
    deep, rich blacks. These characteristics makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor graphics that will
    be viewed from a distance, such as festival or concert banners, murals, and more. It weighs
    9 oz/sq. yd. and is 15 mils thick. Mambo Fabric can be run on most solvent and eco-solvent​

    Now the problem I am running into is that the fabric is bunching, and pulling into the right most pull wheel. I have tried everything I can think, including putting all the pull wheels down on the fabric and various other combinations to try to get it to pull down squarely. Unfortunately I still am running into same problem of 75% of the job printing but it starts to pull inside at about 50%.
    Has anyone else worked with this fabric or some kind thats the same any info will be greatly appreciated.


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