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App tape that sticks to 3M IJ or 180C backer?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by john1, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. john1

    john1 Guest

    Hey guys, Does anyone know a app tape that will stick to the backing paper on the 3M IJ and or 180 print vinyls?

    I want to order a roll of 180cv3 but have learned on the IJ none of my Rtape high or higher tack app tape will stick to the glossy backer on print/cut decals.

    I have no issues masking General Formulations 203 but want to order something better for higher end jobs.

  2. SightLine

    SightLine Very Active Member

    None are going to stick very well..... but you at least want an app tape specified for the material. RTape has 2 version of their 4075, the second being 4075-RLA (release liner adhesion). Or you can always go for 3M SCPS-2 which does okay but it's going to cost you. None really "stick" to air release liners well though. Some just lay and stay much flatter and sort of cling to it a little.
  3. john1

    john1 Guest

    Thanks, Yeah i use the 4076 which is the higher tack and it works perfect for cut vinyl and non-air release liners. Guess it is what it is. I just have some contour cut shapes that need to be masked once and a while and was looking for a nicer looking solution for things i shipped to customers.
  4. Gene@mpls

    Gene@mpls Very Active Member

    Jun 17, 2003
    Blaine, Mn
    We tape the corners with masking tape- not much else you can do.
  5. john1

    john1 Guest

    That is what i do now, I just didn't think it was the sure way to apply premask to digital graphics but guess so.

    Thanks all
  6. MikePro

    MikePro Major Contributor

    Feb 3, 2010
    Racine, WI
    i leave "frames" of material around my print/cuts or simply mask/apply as a whole and weed-out the negative on the sign panel (but i always weed-out the centers before masking, to save time)

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