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APPE and Spot Colors

Discussion in 'RIP Software & Color Management' started by dypinc, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. dypinc

    dypinc Very Active Member

    Mar 9, 2011
    With the Adobe PDF Print Engine on two different RIPs I am seeing where one cannot change the spot colors. Just now with the ColorGate 7 RIP and APPE chosen, and LAB values read in (Spot 268c in this instance) I was not getting a match at all. Just a paler blue. As soon as I changed to using the JAWS engine I had a perfect match to 286C.

    I have also seen this same behavior with the Fiery EX RIP driving our digital press. Any adjustments in Spot-On do not take if the APPE is selected.

    We also have a Fiery XF RIP here that I have not tested yet but it seems to do great with spot colors at it default settings. May I should say internal setting. I will have to try reading in LAB values with the different engines selected to see what the XF does.

    Anyway what are others finding in regards to APPE and spot colors with other RIPs? Are you able to print correct spot colors if you read in LAB values or make other adjustments to spot colors?

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