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Best VW Profile for IJ180 V3

Discussion in 'Roland' started by designflow, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. designflow

    designflow Member

    Jan 4, 2008
    I believe this has been an on going question using the 3M Profile for the ij180 v3 material. I have a Roland sp540v using versaworks and I cant seem to get nice solid colors using the color profile from 3m banding on blacks and brown ect.
    Ive read through some of the threads and Generic Vinyl and PCV2-3 seem to work for most but not for me. I ended up using the oracal 3165G profile and im getting the perfect black and still getting the same print time that i was on the standard 3m print. I spoke to someone at 3m for an hour yesterday and they told me if the oracal profile works best for my print and doesnt smudge when it comes off the heat then you would be fine.

    My question is, has anymore used this same profile or any other profiles that work best for printing on the 3m ij180 and had no problems with ink being to heavy or when installing??

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