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Discussion in 'Digital Printing' started by MikeSTK, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. MikeSTK

    MikeSTK Dawns Vinyl Designs

    Feb 23, 2011
    Weatherly, Pa
    As it turns out we get contacted regarding a billboard. The freaky part is it belongs to a brother in law.

    Apparently its abandoned on his property. It sits next to a nicely used highway a mile from our shop. This is the commercial type not some plywood fiasco. The rest of the story is long and unimportant.

    We have never tackled such a thing. It is available for us to utilize free of charge.

    We have a Roland SP540i. Anybody want to educate me on how I can utilize this unforseen homerun? No doubt I could run at this thing willy nilly but I would like to know what should be done.

    I seem to have noticed the billboard industry has switched to what appears to be material enclosing the entire structure as opposed to wallpapering the face.

    Some help?
  2. weaselboogie

    weaselboogie Very Active Member

    Apr 23, 2006
    For you or for advertising for other companies?

    .... If it were me, I'd replace any damaged panels and then do a large permanent sign advertising YOUR business and maybe a blurp about billboard rental (using your machine). Then rent out the billboard monthly using large banners printed by merchant members ( I wouldn't even try to print something that big) that could easily be replaced by and tied down with rachet straps. Any month that you don't have it rented, remove the banner leaving your sign, advertising your business. Don't forget to cut your brother in law in on some of the action ( a small percentage of your net )
  3. insignia

    insignia Very Active Member

    First and foremost, check with zoning to make sure you can actually install a face on that anymore. If so, go with Weasel's suggestion.
  4. Mosh

    Mosh Major Contributor

    Oct 19, 2009
    how big and what type of sign is it. and who owns the structure?
  5. Craig Sjoquist

    Craig Sjoquist Major Contributor

    Jun 18, 2004
    Go with .. Insignia & WesselBoogie suggestions

    Depending on traffic count and viability a monthly rental can make a business, seen it happen many times.

    Design guidelines that will help
    Kern letters wide
    7 things to look at max ...words / pictures
    3 areas to look at ( main, Secondary, sub )
    Extensions make money and give dimension
    5 colors 3 fonts or less
    Keep it Simple, Bold, visual pleasing
  6. signage

    signage Major Contributor

    Oct 5, 2005
    Yes you need to check on zoning and permitting! If you can use it I also agree with Weasle and the rest.
  7. John L

    John L Very Active Member

    Apr 28, 2007
    Better do some research on any zoning, lease agreements, contracts, easements, and the actual permit holder, etc that permitted that structures use in the first place. Theres been a few abandoned billboards that wernt actually abandoned at all.
  8. MikeSTK

    MikeSTK Dawns Vinyl Designs

    Feb 23, 2011
    Weatherly, Pa
    I guess the rest of the story was more important.

    All the legalities are complete, he owns the sign. Permits complete, ready to go. Don't know the dimensions but it isn't an enormous city sized billboard.

    The suggestions were my exact intentions. Use a portion for our business, label as available and use our design when it isn't in use by someone else. My hopes would be to generate traffic for us and income for him. A win-win.

    I didn't know if those large prints were one piece or welded in some way. I've never got out an inspected any up close.
    I would attempt it myself if it was feasible, but I do not want it to be crappy.

    So, I have to outsource right? I will measure it but my memoery tells me maybe 20' wide by 12' tall.
  9. thewvsignguy

    thewvsignguy Active Member

    Feb 21, 2008
    Grantsville, MD
    Get in touch with a wholeseller, I'm sure you will find more then enough here on signs101. We used a great company from NJ called TLCBANNER.com for the few that we have done.

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