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Bryant Gillespie of Clockwork Consultants ROCKS!!

Discussion in 'Member Shout Out' started by Silvertip, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Silvertip

    Silvertip Silvertip Graphics Signs & Designs, Inc.

    Aug 15, 2012
    I have been meaning to put this up here for a while and since I am at the shop on a Sunday it is time!

    As some of you may have figured out I own a sign shop (since 10/1/2011) and I had no prior experience. Having said that we have just expanded and we were able to purchase our own building instead of renting earlier this year. So I am proud to say that we are kinda rockin it lol!

    During the move we were starting to bid on some work from a local manufacturer that had the potential to help our little operation out with a nice stream of residual income. I had little time and even less knowledge on how to work with the designs that I was sent by their design team.
    I asked for help on here (signs101) and I received a few responses. Bryant was the one that I spoke with first.

    He not only tutored me for a very fair price, he went to the trouble of making me step by step guides to help me in the future! I could not have been more grateful! We have since got a lot of work from that manufacturer because we were able to deliver!

    As I got to know Bryant on the phone and thru emails I realized that he knew what he was doing. Not only as an accomplished designer but in the sign shop world. He is always always always professional.

    In the last couple of months we had an opportunity to fly out to Las Vegas to do a wrap install. My client needed a new van wrap done and it would not be here in MN before the Expo. By now I trust Bryant so we pretty much stepped out of the middle while Bryant did the design work with our client. A complete re-brand. I decided that it would be a great opportunity to get Bryant some exposure since he is just getting his new business as a sign company consultant. Thankfully it all worked out and we got to meet and work together for a couple of days out in Vegas!

    The thing about it is this: I have a trusted ally that I can rely on! I have steered away from some parts of this business because I just didn't have
    enough work to employ a full time designer. So, If I could not do the work with my limited skills I was not really "selling" it. I have used a couple of other shops but they had their own work so mine was not a priority and I totally get that.

    As our shop gets busier I suspect that Bryant will too! I was asked to bid on a package for a new business here in my area that included logo development. I sent it over to Bryant for a quote on the logo and I got back an even better set up! I am confident that we are going to have a long working relationship! He is extremely fair to work with.

    One of my reasons for telling my story like this is that I see a lot of "newbies" on here asking for help for various things and sometimes the responses are not so helpful. There is some great information here tho-so much knowledge that it can be a little intimidating for a newbie who might not be fluent in "sign shop" speak to ask questions! I know it was for me!

    So take heart newbies! Work hard and study your new craft. It is not easy but I am here to tell you all that it most certainly is not impossible to learn this business and make a living at it. I am and always will be learning something that will benefit my little operation.

    The morals of the story: The customer does not care HOW you got the job done....only that you GOT the job DONE and done WELL.
    Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. When you can't do something or need information...ask and don't stop asking until you find an answer that fits for YOU!

    Thank you to Signs101 for this forum! I have learned a lot here. I always look here first....then I ask, ask, ask...till I found a Bryant at Clockwork Consultants!
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