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Camera offset in OptiScout

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Print & Cut Systems' started by theyllek, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. theyllek

    theyllek Member

    Dec 5, 2014
    Kansas City
    I'm looking for some help setting my camera offset in Optiscout (6.5) for a Zund L300 cutter.

    I think its a problem with the camera offset? I'm not for certain. It makes sense seeing as this happened after it bungled up some vinyl and got it lodged underneath the knife and camera area.

    It will read the marks but it will not put the cut any where remotely close to where it should be. Went through what the manual says and help file but all we did was go from being a little off to off several inches in the X & Y axis.

    The help file makes mention of some file we can print that it uses to set the offset? But I can't find a copy of it. We bought the system used almost 4 years ago and this is the first time I've run into something I haven't been able to figure out.

    Pretty sure it's something simple that I'm missing but I'd appreciate any help. I really don't want to spend the next few days cutting things out by hand until we can get it sorted out.


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