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CE5000-60 Stopped Working Properly

Discussion in 'Graphtec' started by tdgraphics, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    Just came in this afternoon and wanted to use my CE5000-60 to cut a job. It had cut 3 job perfectly this morning before I left the office.

    It came up with a Y Position Axis error, so read through he forums and found a lot of info pointing me to a full reset. So did the full reset. Started up the machine and language was oriental (Japanese I assume)

    So found how to change the language to English.

    Tried sending a small job and it cut what look like a series of serial numbers instead of the text I needed.

    So looked on forums again, and found how to set the language to HP-GL. Great, Not!!!

    When is did the width check as usual, it then went and places the carriage over to the far left (looking from the front). If I send everything, it just rolled the media forward, moving the carriage very slowly toward the right of the machine.

    So I found an online manual and saw how when setting the HP-GL in the Command, you can also set the origin. It was L.L., so I changes it to center. ( Really I wan the origin to be at the front right corner but there was no option for that.

    That is where I am now.

    Every time I try to send anything to the plotter, it just rolls the media forward .

    By the way, the setting when ready is Roll 2, which is what I have always used.


    Any help or advice on how to get my machine back up and running would really be appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance for reading this thread and any comments you have.

  2. I have got it running. The curves are very slow as the stepping seems to be incorrect but its cutting and that's all I need to get me out of a hole now.

    Thanks for looking.