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ColorSpan 5460UV Issues

Discussion in 'Flatbed Printers' started by Brent Josker, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Brent Josker

    Brent Josker Member

    Oct 19, 2015
    buffalo new york
    Ok so here is some background on this Hybrid flatbed. A sign shop down thew street bought this thing in 2008 and he paid 62,000 for it. It is a Mcdermit Colorspan 5460UV and as far as i know he had issues with it from the start. He kept this equipment running up until 3 months ago until he bought the new Roland UV flatbed, LED cured inks, really nice!!
    Anyways he reached out to a ton of people and tried to sell it , even tried giving it away, pretty sad you can even get someone to take it for free. Needless to say he never called me to pick it up. He eventually rolled it outside and that is where it sat, out behind his shop in the rain, covers still on but never the less in the weather. In the meantime the garbage truck pinched the machine in between the truck and the building while emptying the dumpster, crappy driver i guess!
    I called last week to see if i could pick it up to get a buy back or horse trade it for a Roland, he informed me what he had done so i rushed down to view the condition. Needless to say i was displeased to see it outside and beat like a red headed step child.
    I rushed home picked up my motorcycle trailer and proceeded to take it home. My thinking was....worst case senerio i could fire it up and see if it even worked and get it to run, print and then sell it or use it until i found the Roland i wanted.
    I took pictures of the machine and as you can see i ran into my first snag, the print heads, i have an ultrasonic cleaner i intend on using to clean and unclog the heads, the print head mount to what i would call a head carriage which supplies ink and vacuum to the heads themselves, well it appears they broke off the tangs which hold on the ink reservoir cover and they do not seal properly. I have 4 good and 2 bad.
    (1)Can i run this unit with only 4 colors, Black, yellow, magenta and cyan or do i need to operate with all 6 colors?
    (2)Do they make a bulk inking system for these flatbeds? from what i gather it seems the ink boxes come with a chip alerting the printer when the inks expire ect ect. so my guess, is there is no bulk inking system compatible.
    (3) The main CPU is dry to the bone just dirty, the unit is 240VAC, itf i get it fired up is it worth the hassle of going through this machine to try and resurrect it? The guy told me when he parked it the only thing wrong with were the print heads, everything else worked
    (4) the ink collector at the left end of the machine is FULL of ink, is this normal? Why isn't the vacuum clearing this ink out?
    (5) I checked my flexi 10 and it has rip for the color span 5460 UV, can i use that? i don't see why not!
    (6) The machine is now affectionately now known as the HP H35500 flatbed printer, is HP the only place i can get parts for this thing?
    (7) Does anyone have the service manual for this giant paperweight?

    Thanks in advanced and any help is good help, this thing is like Frankenstein's daughter im thinking.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. wunder

    wunder Member

    Oct 3, 2009
    fine...ssen be very clean the machine....

    OK 1st...yes you can run it only cmyk but need new colorprofiling.

    Clean all sensors/Encoders aso. Bring the machine in 100% scale/balance and adjust the headhigh (printgap) aso.

    You must cleanup and new adjust some things....and then you will become the best result.

    In fact you have a very good roll machine....the features like jetmapping some autoalignment function aso....make the machine always to a top Printer.... you can be sure that you can print 4point text with them if you like it.....aso.

    The Printheads can be reprogrammed with new voltage so you can become the heads in a better firing condition.

    If you need more help...dont hesitate to contact me skype or whatsapp....

    Bulk....yes be sure you can build a tank on it but chips you need always....See PiranHa solution from our company.

    Last to say....You have a very good and stable printer with features that you not find at some UV Printer on the market and the Quality is always the best !
  3. Brent Josker

    Brent Josker Member

    Oct 19, 2015
    buffalo new york
    Thanks for reply

    How do i contact you. I have more questions and need supplies and some help!
  4. 716SIGNSHOP

    716SIGNSHOP New Member

    Sep 30, 2011
    I own an hp35500 and am near you

    You can call me(scott) to discuss your printer at 716-695-7636. My shop is in lancaster

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