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Corel X7 Tool Selection Hangup

Discussion in 'Corel' started by equippaint, May 3, 2017.

  1. equippaint

    equippaint Member

    Oct 10, 2014
    Someone asked this before and it was never resolved. This keeps getting worse for me so I thought Id list out some X7 issues that I'm having in hope of some solutions. Forgive me if I dont know the tech terms for all of this.

    1. Sidebar: the flyout on selections will be grayed out randomly. Go to select a square and an empty box comes out. Have to go select something else and try and go back to it. Not just limited to that, does it with node tool, shapes, text etc

    2. Contour top bar: wont change between inside outside and center sometimes. You have to click the selection over and over to get it to finally work. Just shut it down a min ago, reopened and its fine but that doesnt always work

    3. Open recent under file does not always have the most recent

    4. When starting Corel, it doesnt put the icon on the task bar, have to minimize the other open windows from other programs running, then click on the running corel and it will then show up.

    5. Selecting workspace options dialog box doesnt come up anymore when I start a new workspace. It used to come up where you could select color type i.e. rgb, cmyk and other options. Now I have to go through the menus and change it, not major but annoying none the less.

    6. Rasterlink finecut will export once or twice, then wont anymore. Have to restart it to work again.

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