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Coreldraw X8 Drag And Drop Copy Crash

Discussion in 'Corel' started by matthewota, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. matthewota

    matthewota Electrical/Architectural Sign Designer

    On CorelDraw X8 drawings that get complex with many extrusions, perspectives, lenses.

    When I try to drag and drop copy or a simple object, Corel locks up and windows closes it.

    This occurs on another designer's computer also, so it is endemic to all Corel X8 installations, I think.

    I tried Corel's tech support but they no longer use voice. They have a stupid chat system that I detest because I cannot type fast enough. I have arthritis.

    I am wondering if anybody else has this crash problem in Corel X8 please let me know. My workaround for now is to autobackup every 5 minutes and to hit Ctrl-S a lot.
  2. custom sign center

    custom sign center Member

    Apr 5, 2007
    How frustrating! I feel for you!
    What type of files are you trying to drag and drop?
    Were they created on your computer in Corel?
    I found drag and drop works great for working between windows once the file is on your computer and is capable of being opened correctly but if what your trying to drop was designed in another program and you try to throw any willie nillie file into a window it's seems to crash more often.
    You said even a simple object crashes but what is the source of that object?
    Using the Import option allows the file to be interpreted so it will open correctly. I haven't had much of a problem except sometimes I have issues with AI or InDesign and Inkscape files with effects such as drop shadows, transparencies, blends, etc. so I think its just a language hiccup between the two programs. Once a file is on my computer there are no issues dragging and dropping which makes me think it's the file source.
    Don't know if this will help you or not but I read on the Corel forum that you need to run Corel on your computer as Administrator for things to work correctly, not sure how to tell you to check this. I checked my computer & Corel is installed in my User folder on my C drive under the Download file folder. The other thing I read was images from the internet can't drag and drop... I tried it and it wouldn't work but copy paste does. I still didn't get a crash.
    Corel seems to crash on me when I'm asking it to trace a large raster into a vector or something like that or if I have way too many windows open, which I think has to do more with my computer than Corel. The first thing I do when I have issues is check all my settings, especially if I recently changed anything or installed a new program. It's amazing how one little checked or unchecked box can make a difference.
    Corel can be buggy sometimes and if you're having to auto backup every 5 minutes I would just save your workspace and reinstall Corel. I hope you're able to resolve your issue. Please share if you do.
  3. matthewota

    matthewota Electrical/Architectural Sign Designer

  4. matthewota

    matthewota Electrical/Architectural Sign Designer

    I got the problem resolved by purchasing the Corel Draw 2017 upgrade for $199. It runs just fine.

    In x8 it would crash with a new drawing. Simply typing a text string, then dragging and dropping on the same page would result in a crash.

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