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Couple Flexi Newbie Questions - ICC's and Pause between print & Cut

Discussion in 'Flexi' started by lodcomm, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. lodcomm

    lodcomm Member

    Oct 30, 2013
    Ledyard, CT
    Hello Folks,

    I recently acquired a cs500 & flexi-10. and I have a couple basic Flexi questions hopefully someone can point me in the proper direction.

    1) A user here sent me a couple ICC files to use with cs500 & Lyson Ink. I Appear to be unable to load the ICC's he sent. I am attempting to load the following icc:

    11 10 ink Oracal 3641 fine 2 heat 110-120 deg sept 09.icc

    1) send the print/cut job to production manager
    2) once the job is transferred to the production manager, I select the advanced options tab and select use color correction. In the menu that opens I have the following:

    a) Preset: none
    b) output profile: Here is where I attempt to add the profile above, I select add in the dropdown menu of output profile, and open the folder containing the above icc. Select that ICC and click on open. Flexi simply ignores the attempted profile loading and re-displays: NONE in the window.
    c) Media: PVC-G gloss vinyl
    d) Print mode: Fine2

    Am I simply attempting to apply the Above ICC in the wrong place? - Using the generic options that were installed when I installed flexi are resulting on relatively dark colors on the printout.

    Next question: Is it possible to insert a pause or a timed pause between the printing and cutting phases on my roland hybrid via Flexi? I send the print cut job as a single project to the production manager and on short runs I need to give the Ink a minute or so to dry before the Roland starts cutting or the pinch rollers muck up the still wet ink. In the interim I have simply been hitting the physical pause button on the printer and then hitting again after a few mins drying time.

    thanks in advance!

  2. lodcomm

    lodcomm Member

    Oct 30, 2013
    Ledyard, CT

    I am using Flexi/production manager 10.0.1:

    I also went to rolands site for the Roland certified profiles (http://download.rolanddg.jp/en/rolandmedia/max/rcc/sc/index.html)

    and attempted to download and install a generic PVC profile for Super Photo and I get the exact same results trying to add the icc as in the previous post.

  3. Stormyj

    Stormyj Member

    Jan 20, 2014
    NW Indiana
    I would like to know about the pause question also. I have an SC540 that when contour cutting, pinch rollers ruin the images below them. On wide printing, its a pain.
  4. SightLine

    SightLine Very Active Member

    Copy the icc file to the ICCProfile>PrinterName> folder wherever it is you have Flexi installed. Then it will show up in the dropdown list. On the cutting thing- not sure how exactly it is configured on the hybrid machines but in Production Manager setup your ideal job defaults for the machines (you can also set the default icc profile to automatically be selected there as well after you have copied the icc file to the right folder). For the cutter it should have an option "hold in list", you want that instead of "send now" as the default option.

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