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Couple of Sublimation Questions and Pricing

Discussion in 'Sublimation Printing' started by captainron19, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. captainron19

    captainron19 Member

    May 11, 2005
    2 Questions for those of you doing sublimation....

    I have an opportunity to market 1 sided 15oz mugs to a bunch of gift shops on the boardwalk in a local shore town. I had to make a graphic for someone with the beach town name written in the sand inside of a heart with a ocean wave cresting onto it. Well it is taking off and the more people see it the more they want it on a mug and other things. One lady that owns a pizza shop on the boardwalk wants to sell them in her store and I am sure as other gift shops see them they will want to carry them also (hopefully) I have never provided mugs at a wholesale cost for re-sale. Are any of you actively doing this and if so, what is the recommended wholesale price for a single sided 15oz mug. I pick up m mugs so I save $$ on shipping so each 15oz mug costs me $1.77 Each Sheet of transfer paper costs me $0.28 and I am able to print out 6 transfers on each so each transfer is costing $0.05 but never really estimated cost on ink (using sublijet inks with a Ricoh Printer)

    Was thinking of selling them wholesale for $8.95 each with a recommended retail of $12.95 ...what do you think?

    Also.... is anyone doing custom tiles that can mount onto metal trivets or key racks? Starting them also and made a test one which came out great. If you are making these what adhesive are you using to attach the tile to the metal? I tried small tube of liquid nails and it said it was good for metal and ceramic among others. I put a few dabs and let it sit overnight with a weight on the tile and the next day I put my fingers on the tile and gave it some pressure from the back to test it and it popped off. I guess my next attempt might be gorilla glue...any input.

    Also, what do you think of wholesale/retail on a metal key rack holding 4 keys with a sublimated 6/x 6 tile? Cost I figured out on them is .... tile and metal key hook frame =$7.75 + $0.28 for sheet of transfer paper (can only get one print out per sheet) + $0.75 each or so for shipping to me for a total cost without ink of approximately $8.78 Was thinking of possible wholesale charge of $15.00 each with a reatil estimate of $20 or so.

    Any input would be appreciated.
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