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Cutting problem of printed materials

Discussion in 'Roland' started by messmedia, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. messmedia

    messmedia Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    Montenegro, Europe
    One really weired problem: I've printed some stickers, on Roland RS 640, and need to cut them on my Graphtec FC8000-100.

    I've used segmented reg marks, and sheets with decals are 1m wide, 1.30 meters long (so, only one segment)

    I've done this type of job many, many times, and never had a problem since now.
    And the problem is this: I have 6 marks, 4 regular and 2 segment marks (T type) - in the middle of my sheet. Cutter reads 2 angled and regular marks, it reads third mark (right one - T type - segment mark) and then it goes up to fourth mark (also t type segment) - and quits with a note - it can't read a mark in fast mode. Error code is e04025, though, I couldnt find that error in manual, or on internet.

    I've checked that mark (thought it might have some irregularities, maybe fingertips or dirt) - but it's clean.
    Then, I used different sheet with same print - same thing.
    Then, I turned everything 180 degrees - feed it backwards in cutter and turned everything in my file, so problematic regmark is right - not left - and it does same thing - not reading - left mark - so it is not a problem of crooked regmark.

    Then, I tried to use slow mode in arms settings - and it did read all the marks, and started cutting ok, but after few decals (10 or so) cutting was angled and totally missed the target, and it went worse as it progressed with cutting. I stopped the job.

    Then I printed my regular test file I use to test accuracy - and it is all ok - no problems. I was also pretty amazed with the accuracy, it cutted 0.25 point line on half!

    So, can it be something with a print? Did anyone experienced similar problems?
    One possibility might be that problematic mark is touching the print that have strong magentish color (35 100 0 0), so it does not make a difference of the two? But, on the other hand, fc 8000 can read marks made on color, so ...

    Reason why i ask this is - i am trying to save a lot of print (10 sheets) so i dont have to print them again ...

    Please help ...
  2. Bigdawg

    Bigdawg Just Me

    Jun 8, 2005
    Sunny Florida
    I have had no luck with my 7000 reading segmented marks. And like you, I tried every which way I could to make it work. I was never able to. Hope you find an answer so I can too!
  3. guillermo

    guillermo Member

    Jun 10, 2009
    Northridge, California
    that size is about 3ft x 5ft, for that big, I do not use my printer or another vinyl cutter, I just cut them manually, each if they are a few, but I cut 2 sides only when they are a lot, then I use a paper cutter, where I can cut up to 300 sheets of vinyl with lamination.

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