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Cutting Reflective IJ680CR

Discussion in 'Summa' started by Mark L, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Mark L

    Mark L Member

    Hey Guys
    My cutter is the Summa S160t
    I'm print and cutting on IJ680Cr Reflective. I'm sending small plots 48" x 30" in length ( 7 repeats of 6.5 x 29 decals ) the first one cuts fine but by 2 or 3 its already off, and profoundly worse by # 7 to which I can only use 3-4 of them. Its like the paper is too slipperly. I have the pinch wheels showing both colors.
    Has anybody had this problem with reflective before.
    Just to note I have had this cutter for 4 years and really no problem when I print and cut, but 1st time trying it with reflective.
  2. hybyza

    hybyza New Member

    May 27, 2009
    Which blade are you using? Have you tried the doble sided one for reflective?
    It is not always possible to get a good result with reflective, it depends on the reflective itself and of the liner of the reflective too.
  3. Mark L

    Mark L Member

    NO I haven't tried that knife? I'll call and see if my supplier recommends. It is a paper liner but definately feels slicker than say 180c paper liner?
  4. hybyza

    hybyza New Member

    May 27, 2009
    I have had some issues with Spanish recommended reflective for traffic signals, and the problems were related to tracking not to cutting itself, that is why liner is important here (check if liner remains in good conditions after the tracking and cutting).
    About sending the job and the design itself I use to work with multicopies instead of designing tons of them in the same design to be sent, it is boring to check every copy, but at least you are sure you are not spoiling the whole job and the media, very expensive in this case. The real problem with tracking is that the blade brakes the feeding of the media, the best blade I guees it is the doble bladed one, but again I insist it depends on the thickness and liner, the only thing I can suggest you is to try it like this, and slow down speed as much as possible 50mm/sg.
  5. BobM

    BobM Very Active Member

    May 31, 2008
    Cape Cod
    On my Roland Camm 1 I generally use 45 degree blade unless I'm cutting a lot of reflective. I change to a 60 degree blade for that. I slow down the cut speed and adjust the cut pressure very carefully as well.
  6. Peterpan

    Peterpan New Member

    Nov 25, 2009
    You write your cutter is more than four years old
    Are your pinch rollers in a good condition ?
    Are the grid rollers clean ?

    If any or both are not OK can slip the material when moving back and forth.

    Also lower the velocity to minimum and check the knife pressure.
    If the pressure and the blade are not well adjusted can slip the material too.

    Check the above and please publish the results....

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