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Data Error 3 from AI files imported into flexi

Discussion in 'Flexi' started by davedavedave, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. davedavedave

    davedavedave Member

    Dec 14, 2018
    took me a while to get the cutter and printer running but i got it going finally...
    made a few test print and cuts out of flexi with RIP with no problems...
    im very very happy how they turned out compared to normal ECO solvent printers...

    today i wanted to print my first old file...with no luck!

    all my files are on illustrator...
    so i imported the ai file , mapped the colors and sended the job...
    but everytime i try to print it, i get the DATA ERROR 3...
    i saved the FS file to see how big it is...
    it is only 650kb... about 30cm x 40cm ...

    after this i wanted to test from creating the file direct in flexi..
    i just made a bunch of text with cutlines from inside flexi...
    it was also 600kb big and it worked with no problems...
    was able to print and cut it ... im not really sure what this problem is?

    anybody know what im doing wrong?
    can it be there are problems because of the imported Illustrator file?

  2. Joe House

    Joe House Active Member

    Feb 5, 2004
    What version of Illustrator and what version of Flexi are we talking about? Have you tried using EPS or PDF formats? Those are more universal than an .AI file.
  3. davedavedave

    davedavedave Member

    Dec 14, 2018
    thx, for ur help,
    both are the newest versions.... both are up to date..

    i didnt tried eps or pdf yet, since the ai file looked totally the same in flexi than it did in illustrator.
    i got each color and the cutline on seperated layers...

    when importing the file, the only thing i do, is to select the old outline (from illustrator) and run the cut contour effect on my cutlines to get "official flexi" cutlines...
    after this i delete the old illustrator cutline... then turn all colors into spot colors and send the job...
    in the rip window i again select the spotcolors... then i press send...

    i wanted to save again in illustrator version 3 and try again tomorrow...
  4. davedavedave

    davedavedave Member

    Dec 14, 2018
    ok after playing around a lil bit more i managed to get it going...
    idk really know how i managed to print it but after about 1000tries i got it...
    defintly need to clear the print list in windows and production manager when getting a error3...
    if it keeps popping up i had to restart the machine...

    still not very satisfied with the result but i think most stuff i can fix inside the file....
    but well im pretty happy i printed my first stickers on my own :D:D even its not so nice...
    im looking forward to get it perfect :D:D

    there area few things i noticed....

    1- small letters are not readable they are way to thick... they look normal on file but printed there is no hole in the A for example..
    2- the first layer coat wasnt printed as a square it was printed with cut outs... so i had small white lines between the colors... i think i need to activate overprint....
    3- there are some white spots on the beginning from dust or dirt... i cleaned the vinyl before printing not exaclty sure where it is from...
    4- also it gave me a data error 3 after changing the third ribbon... i was able to resume but thats still weird i think this slows down the work flow alot....
    5- it kind of freezes if u send a job while its offline!!!

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  5. karst41

    karst41 Member

    Nov 3, 2010
    Stone Mountain, GA
    AI to Flexi. EPS 3 to the rescue.

    With AI I am on a MAC and have been sending file to Flexi for about 30 years and add another 10 years in graphics and packaging for Food and Beverage.
    With the introduction of creating art on a computer a few rules quickly
    developed and spread industry wide.
    The rules also aid and assist with importing AI to Flexi, and remain in place
    for AI to AI, MAC to MAC PC To MAC etc. etc.

    Rule 1. 1a. Convert all Fonts to Outlines. 1b. If all have grouped together
    Un Group and regroup individually and or as the headline art dictates.

    Rule 2. Convert ALL Strokes to Paths.

    Rule 3. Provide a list of all Fonts by Name.
    ie. Helvetica Med Obl.

    Rule 4. Provide list of PMS Colors used or list of CMYK Values that can be
    printed and sent to Client for approval.

    Rules 1 and 2 greatly facilitate importing AI to Flexi.
    Place priority on font conversion.

    AI imports to Flexi the best but if you still suffer with a file try this.

    AI version 3 was a Major redevelopment of Illustrator and became the base platform for all versions to follow.

    The Foundation of EPS file handling was rebuilt and if you ever have a file that flat out refuses to import. Go to step 1 and 2

    Then Export from AI as EPS
    Drop down to EPS 3 and save. It will give you a warning but ignore.
    The file will import cleanly, each time, every time.

    If it does not then you gots a buggy file and you need to trash it.

    Sorry to be long winded, but I have encountered these problems many times.

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  6. davedavedave

    davedavedave Member

    Dec 14, 2018
    thx for ur help,

    i did that all fonts were shapes, but i will take care of the groups,
    what do u mean whit as the headline art dictates? is there a difference if i group just one object or a whole layer?

    did that too,all my files are like this because the guy i sended my old stuff to, wanted no fonts or paths inside the file...

    i dont really use alot of fonts and if i do they are already converted to a shape

    what are pms colors im very new to this :D , on the first gerber job i did , i added the swatch table of the colors used they were printed on the side...

    will ungroup evertythng and then i will try eps3...
    will give update tomorrow

    can i get a data error 3 from a wrong or buggy file??
    why did i got a data error 3 while i already was chaning the third cartridge?
    did this happend to u before?

    thx for ur time! cheers
  7. greysquirrel

    greysquirrel Active Member

    Aug 13, 2015
    West Berlin, NJ
    In my experience with flexi, onyx, caldera and versaworks, shiraz...no rip likes .ai files....pdf,eps,jpg,tiff all day long
  8. davedavedave

    davedavedave Member

    Dec 14, 2018
    ok i tried a few more prints today -.- im going crazy cant really get it running everytime i think i got it somehting new happens...
    i used pdf and no groups and strokes and it imported perfectly!!! this seems to work!

    i managed to print the stickers but i had white gaps so i played around with overprint
    after back and forth i managed to print ONE decal like i want it!!! it came out perfect!

    ok then i tried send another file with the same decal just a few more...
    first it wasnt printing a few colors... then i saw some colors were named <overprint> and some were checked with overprint inside the print driver setup..
    i had to change the colors again to get rid of the <overprint>... after i changed it all seems to work...

    BUT when i sended the job then dissaster began LOL

    when inserting the second cartridige it prints 20cm and then stops like the cartridge is empty , then it sounds like the cartridge is winded inside..
    if i wait a lil bit i get a error check foil?!?! but i checked and it looked good... foil is full and is insert the right way...
    i kind of always had the same problem with the pink cartridge!!!

    the cartridge windes up normal when the gerber is in offline mode... i cant see a problem with it?

    i tried to print a few times sometimes i didnt even got the message check foil.. .then it kind of winded inside like crazy i think half cartridge is winded without beeing used...
    after triyng a few times and then the carrtridge ripped apart? now i cant use it anymore? its still half full can i repair it ? why did this happen? i used this before for the same test and nothing happedn.. and then suddenly i cant use it anymore..
  9. davedavedave

    davedavedave Member

    Dec 14, 2018
    ok lilttle update... im almost got it will test a lil bit further in the next days..

    i got the hs15plus working perfectly - i got cuts ,backcuts and perforated cuts working perfectly...like a charm! :D
    the edge 2 is printing too but i still need to get familiar with color dragging and overprint!
    i noticed when a error is happening best is just to restart the machines all the way...

    after looking into flexi manuals, found a few thing out... i think they are important for others too...
    -when printing gardients with spot colors u only see the halftones when printed , theres no preview inside the program...
    -when the color is set to overprint it gets printed with more heat...
    -when its set to underbase or finisher it also is set to more heat...
    -when color dragging is used - 2 out of 3 colors will be overprints afterwards ( but only one is listed inside the driver as overprint , this has to be a bug or something)

    def will get me omega in the future once i see a cheap local offer for a gerber set......
    i not really happy with flexi and the subscribtion...

    anyways i still have a few questions about flexi maybe somebody can explain some of them to me:

    1. i noticed can i only cut with RIP, if i press the normal cut button on the top in flexi --> after i setup everything inside the cutting window i get no message to press ok after sending the job.... it is sending the job directly i can see the plotter blinking.. when i press run on the hs15 it give me a loud beep and does some weird stuff and stops?! is there no way to send jobs to cut only??

    2. i noticed once i change the print order of the colors or overprint colors in the wrong order, the sended jobs give some errors and the printer starts to act weird.....
    this could be the reasson my overprint had dots, the color bleeded to much or the color ribbon teard apart...
    also can be my room got to hot.. it was a hot day and i had my window open and the printer running for 2 hours...
    can anybody confrim this?

    3. can it be the color dragging function is buggy? if cant manage to get the effect on small objects??

    4. whats the best way to prints small text? and what is the smallesz readable printable size for text??? small text give me problems... i noticed the wholes inside the letters are not there anymore looks like the smallletters bleeded???

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