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Design Off #6

Discussion in 'Classroom Assignments' started by flisk, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. flisk

    flisk Active Member

    Mar 12, 2007
    Okay, so this is the setup for Design Off # 6...

    About a week ago you get a phone call from an overly enthusiastic lady asking about different things you can do. At first it almost seems like someone is shopping around, testing you to see if you know your stuff.

    Then it starts to sound like she is "fishing" for you to say the right key words to prompt her into further explaining what she is after.
    For some reason this conversation is too interesting to simply try to rush her and hang up.

    You learn the following:
    She HAS called other sign/design studios for her project.
    Her boss is the one who is having her call all these shops.
    She will not flat out say what the exact project is.
    She did mention that it's something that will be a global ad campaign.
    She wants it to appeal to a specific target audience.
    Her name is Nicole.

    The conversation ends with her wanting to email or fax to you a non-compete agreement and upon signing that she will tell you exactly what the project is to see if you are interested.

    About 3 hours go by (from that about a week ago), and you get the non-compete agreement. It's fairly straight forward, no legal loopholes, and you certainly have nothing to worry about. It simply states that any design you create for them will not be sold to anyone else but them. It further states that any revenue generated from the overall project as a result of your design will net you a 5% part of the profit (they learned something from the writer's strike).

    It is from a major movie company, and the woman you spoke with, Nicole, is the personal assistant to perhaps one of the most well known Directors and Producers of our time. They have a new movie concept that they are about to film and are looking for a totally outside source to create the movie poster slick.

    As of today, you just recieved an email letting you know some more specifics;
    The Title of the movie is, Grave Lane and the End of Time.

    However, they are not too sure what style the movie will even be yet, Anime? Western? Sci-fi? Drama? Romance? Horror? Childrens? They simply don't know. They do know that the overall theme of the movie (and the poster) should reflect a Surreal Adventure. The main characters are a Cunning Bandit (name is Nina Bishop), a Suave Hunter (name is Grave Lane), and an Evil Maniac (name is Randall Faraday).

    They are trying a new approach and will use the movie poster to give to the writers and the entire story will evolve from your design!

    The major theme of the movie is all about growth, self learning and finding a long lost treasure to save the world.

    In essence, to strip away the "story" element, you are to design a movie poster that should reflect a surreal adventure and the title is Grave Lane and the End of Time. It can be of any genre.

    This design off is open to the first 50 people.
    The size should be 320x480 pixels in size.
    It needs to be set at 72 dpi (you can design it at a larger size if you want, just compress it to this size for voteing).

    I currently do not have any prizes for this, but will work on that this week.
    The deadline for it is 6 PM Central April 20th. That gives you 1 week and 1 day. I will post the designs first thing that following Monday morning.
  2. weaselboogie

    weaselboogie Very Active Member

    Apr 23, 2006
    how unique!!!

    Good to see everyone's take on a different field of design.
  3. SirSlarty

    SirSlarty Member

    Jan 23, 2006
    This sounds really fun. Just need time to find to do one!

    The only movie posters I've done are parodies so it'd be fun to try to do a "real" one. I feel like showing off. These link to SomethingAwful.com (and are work safe as far as I can see but use your discretion)

    Star Wars - AC/DC (bottom of page)
    Akira - The Beatles (bottom of page)

  4. flisk

    flisk Active Member

    Mar 12, 2007
    Noone sent me anything, so I'm going to assume that we are all too much into our busy season to really keep up with this. Maybe next winter season we can all jump back on it.
  5. tommythesignguy

    tommythesignguy Active Member

    Sorry flisk, I woulda-shoulda but, couldn't. Just to busy right now to put that much effort into it... and the Harley keeps calling me when I have free time!
  6. Ken

    Ken Major Contributor

    Feb 7, 2005
    Yeah..I missed this one..but i think fall/winter is better for this...

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