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Desktop upgrade?

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by Brendan, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Brendan

    Brendan Active Member

    Jan 15, 2007
    new england
    To the savy technologists on this board.
    I will be upgrading my Mommy board and processor. What do you suggest?
    Intel dual core? What speed?
    What graphic card do you recommend?
    I am running CS2, Flexipro and need some speed!
    I appreciate anyones advice here!
  2. SignTech

    SignTech Guest

    I am not a "savy technologist" but only thing I can suggest is dual core definately intel or AMD solid processors / Dual core is not always necessary ... but more come with it especially because of Vista ........ Vista can be a Lion in a meat factory ........ memory? max it out ........ I run PScs2 AIcs2, Lxi, S101, Itunes, and who knows what else ........... multitasking all day between programs ........... at 3 GIGs ram .......... things run smooth ....... memory = speed ....... jmo

    Oh and I use Nvidia Video cards
  3. geedub

    geedub Member

    Apr 17, 2006
    Are you building it or buying a pre-built from dell or hp or something?

    if it's only for work, video card does not matter, it's stupid when people try to say "well i hear the dx10 cards are WAY better for graphic design than the older cards". It has nothing to do with graphics, only thing it would have anything to do with is the way the colors are displayed on the monitor, and even then they're all about the same. The only designing that a gfx card would have anything to do with would be 3d rendering, using d3d or opengl. Neither of which ps, ai etc etc have anything to do with.

    Now with having that said. Your best bet on a system would be based around an intel core 2 duo, preferably 2.2ghz and faster. The cheapest core 2 quattro just dropped to 300 dollars, that is what I would go with. Get a 965express chipset (they just released a new intel chipset, haven't read much about it, but I do believe the boards start around 200 dollars). I would say get two harddrives, so you can have one as your boot and one as a scratch disk/backup drive. Maybe 1 150 gig raptor for boot and a 500 gig sataII for storage and whatever. Most drives are SATAII now, so there shouldn't be a problem there, i would imagine all 965 boards have sataII ports onboard. As for ram, most ddr2 800 will be fine. Windows xp 32 bit can only allocate 3.5 gigs maximum, 64 bit can allocate a LOT more than that, so if you want to go 4 gigs of ram you will have to use 64 bit xp, core2duo's do run xp 64bit. Don't buy vista, chances are your versacamm or your plotter won't work. I have heard problems about versaworks and vista. Anything else feel free to ask.
  4. SignTech

    SignTech Guest

  5. OldPaint

    OldPaint Major Contributor

    go to M/B BUNDLES.....they will assymble board/CPU/ram...and test it.................
    iam an AMD owner.....only intel i got is my VIAO.....

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