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Eltron / Zebra P320i Badge Printer

Discussion in 'Member to Member Classifieds • For Sale' started by SightLine, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. SightLine

    SightLine Very Active Member

    Also - if anyone wants this fast I'd need to be paid so that I can ship it by Friday 08/31. I will be out of town the first week of September so if it's after this Friday then shipping will be at least another week after. I also have another Polaroid branded Eltron, a P420 which has the built in flipper for automatic 2 sided printing but I need to pull it out and check it over since it has been sitting for a couple of years and that one does have a good bit of use on it. I will probably not have to to get to that one until the second week of September after I get back in town.

    This is an essentially new Polaroid branded Eltron/Zebra (Zebra bought Eltron some years back) P320i card printer. Polaroid just bought these without a top housing. They then put their own full metal housing (instead of beige plastic)and gave them a nicer paint job – it IS an Eltron P320i. Windows even detects it as an Eltron / Zebra P320i and it uses the Eltron / Zebra drivers and ribbons.

    This printer is in perfect working order and the counter is under 90. Many are not aware – on Eltron P series card printers – the counter is NOT the number of cards printed. It is actually the number of passes under the head. So if the machine is using a CMYKO ribbon then each card printed will register 5 on the counter. As an example if the counter is at 50 than the printer has printed 10 cards, if the printer were loaded with a K only ribbon then a count of 50 would indeed be 50 cards. Regardless this printer has only printed a few cards – less than 20. It is essentially unused and essentially still brand new. This printer has a manufacture date of 08/19/2005 on it.

    Not shown in the pictures, but I found it and it is included is the output bin that hangs on the left side to catch pritned cards. The printer does have an essentially new CMYKO ribbon in it – good for at least 150 full colors cards. I’ve tested the printer fully and it is in perfect working order. The printer also does have the optional Hi-Co magnetic encoder installed. I will include 5 blank magnetic stripe cards plus 5 blank non magnetic stripe cards with the printer for you to run a couple of your own initial tests. Also included is a power cord and 5 each of the plain card blanks.

    I do not have the original printed owner’s manual but this is available in PDF from Zebra’s web site. This printer can print up to 90 cards per hour in full color and up to 500 per hour if running a black only ribbon. Official Zebra Drivers go up to Windows XP but you can get aftermarket drivers for free from Seagull for the unit which work under Window 7. The printer has parallel and USB connections.

    Since it is essentially new I'd like to get at least $450.00 for it. Shipping would probably be about $25.00.

    Keep in mind, NO software is included. You will either need to direct print just using the Windows drivers or buy badge printer software that specifically supports an Eltron P320i.

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  2. SightLine

    SightLine Very Active Member

    Bump and to let everyone know I will be out of state next week. I'll have access to email and the web and will be checking in here periodically but will not be able to ship anything until at least the 10th of September.

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