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Enroute V carving issues with Gerber 408

Discussion in 'Laser Cutters' started by nordeast, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. nordeast

    nordeast New Member

    Jun 8, 2012
    Anybody out there using Enroute to V carve signs on a Gerber 408.?

    We are using Enroute version 3.2 to run our Gerber Sabre 408 and getting inconsistent results. The routing depths are off. I realize that substrate thickness inconsistencies can effect the V-carve but not to extent that we are experiencing. The Gerber seems to route too deep almost every time. We have tried using the thickness setting that the router is giving us on the keypad after doing surfacing on the table and material as well as using the nominal dimension option representing the thickness of the substrate that we enter into Enroute when setting up the program. The result each time has been the same, it routes incorrectly too deep.

    With a Caliper the thickness of the material was 1.26". This is the thickness number we entered into Enroute during the program set up and is the number that shows up on the keypad for the "nominal" selection of material thickness. Out on the table after doing a table and material surface the router tells us that the material is 1.39" thick. Initially we go with the router calculated 1.39" thickness and it routes the graphics too deep. We stop running the program, advance the gantry to a new spot on the material, re-home and this time we choose the nominal 1.26" option for material thickness and let it fly. It carves with the same results as the previous one that was set at 1.39"! Apparently switching over to the 1.26" nominal option produced no different result. How is this???

    Next we tried changing the thickness of the material to 1.39" in the Enroute setup and sent that to the machine selecting this thickness from the Nominal option. It routed too shallow this time around. Knowing now that we wanted the routing to go deeper we repeated the same process and changed the thickness to 1.30" in Enroute, sent it to the machine and selected the 1.30" nominal option. This time it it was spot on and routed the project perfectly. We did have to come back and change the material thickness back to what we knew it was at 1.26" when it was time to do the cut out because we didn't want it cutting too deep into the spoil board. It cut it out perfectly at this thickness.

    These results seem wildly inconsistent for being a "precision" machine. It's making me regret my decision to sell my Multicam for this Gerber. I can't get Gerber tech support to help because we are using Enroute software and from their standpoint it is definitely a software issue and our only option is to switch to Artpath with 3D autocarve. Maybe it is, but I find that hard to believe. Is anybody out there having successes or problems v-carving with Enroute on a Gerber Saber 408???
  2. N8Oz

    N8Oz New Member

    Dec 15, 2018
    Denver, CO
    I am running into the same issue with my Gerber Sabre 408. I have tried anything and everything including writing my own g-code to the machine and continue to get the same issues. I have yet to find any responses to this issue. Have you found anything in the past 6.5 years.
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