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Ethical? Not in my opinion.

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by showcase 66, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. showcase 66

    showcase 66 Very Active Member

    Sep 23, 2010
    I had a friend point out to me something from one of my competitors. He had stopped by today and wanted use a computer really quick and showed me their facebook page. The other sign company was bashing a local business that has been in this town for about 35 years about new signs that were put up about a week ago. I was asked to do the signs along with at least one other local place. I turned it down as they wanted led signs that I have not done before or the man power to do everything they wanted.

    Anyway, they bashed the company for using an out of city sign shop, but is also a relative to the owners of said business. I just dont get why you would openly call out another business like that. Sure it didnt stay local, but they go to where the sign shop who did the signs city.

    After looking down their facebook page, I see two pics of our work as the center pic and what they did on the bottom. Text with the pic says they do all kinds of things even a weathered look to your sign. That was a sign I did about 3 years ago that was given a rustic weathered look to it.

    Then I saw that they posted about a company going through bankruptcy. Saying "Just got a call from (company name) to be notified that they are going bankrupt. Guess I am not going to get paid on that job now."

    I understand the frustrations that are caused, but to go out and tell the facebook world that, is wrong in my opinion.

    I just don't understand it. Would you call out another company like that?
  2. ThinkRight

    ThinkRight Active Member

    Nov 13, 2011
    Atlanta Ga
    Wrong on so many levels .
    But this is the country we live in now , people are rude , obnoxious , self centered ,greedy , clueless , juvenile , and stupid .
    It has spilled over into business and corporate and political arena.
    And I blame the way people are raised....
    Everyone is a "Victim" Nobody is "Responsible for their actions"and they are all "Entitled" to what ever they want.
    I am just waiting for the adults to take charge and start punishing the bad apples.
    / just my opinion
  3. Farmboy

    Farmboy Active Member

    Feb 8, 2007
    Auburn, NY
    Agree, only problem is that these people are the very soon to be "adults" of this world. Hell, there's a good percentage of adults that already think this way.
  4. rjssigns

    rjssigns Major Contributor

    Jun 4, 2007
    Home Office
    Time to lawyer up and crush them for using your work. Wife was up until midnight watermarking and adding our logo to pic for our new website. Lord help anyone that tries to use them.
    At this point I would rather have the reputation of being a pr**k with this kind of stuff. The internet is your friend in that respect. Word travels fast on the web. Make an example of one and the rest will bow.
  5. SD&F

    SD&F Very Active Member

    Oct 4, 2009
    There are many times when I would have liked to let the world know the true spirit of some of the unethical businesses. I have had a couple of people personally attack me for doing the right thing and just moving forward and do what I feel is apporpriate. I beleive that some people feel that if they loose out it is someone elses fault, not their own. Karma will get em'
  6. FireSprint

    FireSprint Merchant Member


    It's also dumb. There are pretty strict laws on collection efforts. Not to mention I wouldn't want to work with a business that publicly bashes it's customers.
  7. g&eprinting

    g&eprinting Member

    Jul 21, 2011
    Everett MA
    Hey showcase66 and rjssigns there is a program that will embed your photos and tell you exaclty where they are being used on the net, Sorry forgot the name of it.
  8. Billct2

    Billct2 Major Contributor

    Mar 12, 2005
    New England
    Wrong wrong wrong on so many levels....
  9. Bigdawg

    Bigdawg Just Me

    Jun 8, 2005
    Sunny Florida
    Surprised no one mentioned this too...

    but you can contact Facebook to report the pictures. They DO act on it pretty quickly. While that doesn't solve the overall problem, it will get your work off their page...
  10. showcase 66

    showcase 66 Very Active Member

    Sep 23, 2010
    Exactly what I was thinking.

    The pictures were theirs. They took them, they just said they can do the same work as what is in the picture. But it was in a folder called "Our Completed Projects".

    My Brothers wife works for Facebook and I did said something to her. She marked the fan page with a problem. If anything happens it happens.

    I did tell the owner of the business I did the sign for though. He may say something to them about it. Its a lawyers office. :toasting:
  11. WCSign

    WCSign Member

    Mar 12, 2012
    Bay Area
    whats the page?
  12. rjssigns

    rjssigns Major Contributor

    Jun 4, 2007
    Home Office
    I would be very interested if you could find the name of the software you're talking about. One of my instructors told me about a program that embeds your data in a single pixel. Supposed to be virtually impossible to find the way it is done. Can't find it in my notes though.

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