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Falcon JR spray problem at start of print

Discussion in 'Mutoh' started by CRD, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. CRD

    CRD Member

    Apr 18, 2011
    Houston we got a problem!

    Friday performing some printjobs and no problem at all.
    At the end of the day noticed we are running low on ink so refilled the refillable cartridges to 80 % (no need to take them out of the machine)! with the ink we normally use.
    Saturday afternoon, started new print job.
    As usual first did a machine nozzle check.
    Colors were off and few nozzles missing in Magneta did 2 cleanings to get all nozzles back.
    Printed a job with black box lines around it we did the day before too.
    Orange color was off and I noticed the black box line at the right hand side of the machine (seen from the front) has magenta spray just beside it to the left.
    The magenta gradually disappears to the left hand side of the print.
    So then the black lines are fine.
    I made a testfile with vertical black lines only and a black box.
    Printed it in regular 1 cm margin from the right.
    Problem is there still.
    I shifted the printout to the left handside 5 cm but there the same result for the first few centimers as the spray moves with the shift.
    Replaced the black lines with magenta lines (except for the box) and then the spray is there too.
    Although it could not be the cause I cleaned the encoder strip (T-fence). Same problem.
    Use an other PC with same ONYX ripcenter 6.5 same result.
    Used Flexi 8,1 on original PC same result.
    Check for the A- B-C aligment of the head. Result is fine.
    Replaced the spit pad. Same problem.
    Nozzle test print still fine.
    Dampers are half filled as they should be.
    Ink flow when printing magenta box only is nice.
    Checked the temp of the printhead heater with infra red meter which is as usual set as standard to 50 degrees Celsius.
    I am out of options. What else can I try?
    If it was the head why does it to the left performs OK and only at the start of each new linefeed the problem appears over the full length of the printjob.

    I hope the pictures are clear about the issue.

    Thanks for your time.


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