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FB group

Discussion in '3D Modeling' started by skyhigh, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. skyhigh

    skyhigh Major Contributor

    Jun 16, 2005
    I was wondering if anyone here belongs to the Facebook group "3D Models for CNC" ?

    If so, have you bought their "200 GB" "package"?

    Whats your feedback?
  2. Ian Stewart-Koster

    Ian Stewart-Koster Active Member

    Sep 27, 2003
    Qld, Australia
    I've seen it, but not bought it- our monthy limit here is 30 gig- I'd never donwload 300 gig.
    The $300 or $400 is also out of budget for what is apparently a great wad of stolen files, 99% of which you'd likely never use anyway.
  3. Sandman

    Sandman Member

    Jul 2, 2005
    Crystal Falls, MI
    I didn't notice any stolen files from this guy, not like the Russians on eBay although he has a high number of copyrighted subjects. That said, his models are high quality, but mostly useless for a sign company. They are geared more for the hobbyist selling wall decorations. You would be better off joining Vectorclip3D. They have several pricing options containing over 3600 models with various pricing options. You get anywhere from 21 to unlimited downloads per week. I've used several of their models in signs.
  4. WildWestDesigns

    WildWestDesigns Major Contributor

    Sep 27, 2010
    I didn't join, otherwise I would have seen if they had any setup correctly for 3D printers, mainly due to when I see "many logos" and "affordable prices" that usually makes me think that they aren't paying a license to distribute copies of the files. I don't know that for a fact, I am speculating, but that's just what I've experienced when seeing that certain verbage used by others.

    With regard to the quote, having stolen files is (in my mind) different then creating files of otherwise copyrighted logos/designs. They are both a "no-no", but in different ways.

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