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Flexi Pro Rip error with big files

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Print & Cut Systems' started by stopngo, May 9, 2005.

  1. stopngo

    stopngo Member

    Mar 11, 2005
    Hello All!

    Has anyone had problems (and know a solution) when rip/printing a large .eps or .psd file in Flexi Pro and receiving a RIP ERROR?? Any Suggestions would be helpful.

    Thanks a Ton in advance!:thumb:
  2. Steve C.

    Steve C. Very Active Member

    May 22, 2003
    I have had that problem a few times, so far closing the program and rebooting has solved it.
  3. jayhawksigns

    jayhawksigns Very Active Member

    Jan 8, 2005
    Has it happened to me, yep, today even, do I have a definite solution, nope.

    Today it happened with a psd file, saved in Photoshop 7, and it had layers. I resaved the image in Photoshop, after flattening it, and it ripped fine. I don't think that layers is the problem because I have done numerous files alright with layers, but that is the only thing that I changed today.

    Also, sometimes I would open the Production Manager and tell it to rip the file again and it would work. It would be nice to know whats up, but this is Scanvec we are talking about.
  4. Mike Paul

    Mike Paul Major Contributor

    Dec 30, 2003
    Does it show an error code/ number?
    Sounds like a memory issue. How much ram do you have and how large is the file? When ripping the file in P. Mgr. look at the bottom left of the window. It will show how much ram you have & how much free ram is available as it rips.
    Do you have any masks applied to the file?
  5. flexiezine

    flexiezine Member

    Oct 16, 2004
    What versions of Flexi are being used?

    Memory is a good question and it is a popular problem, ripping large EPS/PS files. I have an EPS file that is over 400MB that will not print out of Flexi while it will print out of Roland VersaWorks.

    My preference is to flatten the file in PS and export as TIFF. File size will increase more than likely causing it to rip slower but it should print.
  6. stopngo

    stopngo Member

    Mar 11, 2005
    Nope, no error code. It probably is a memory issue. I have a Dell WS with a gig of ram. Sometime there are mask, sometimes not. I just ripped a huge file (1.2 gig) and while it took forever, it did print. It may have something to do with the lexmark print mgr. that is installed. Still testing though.
  7. stopngo

    stopngo Member

    Mar 11, 2005
    I'm using 7.5 latest version. Haven't upgraded to 7.6 yet. Maybe that will solve some problems. Increasing the RAM couldn't hurt.:thumb:
  8. Baz

    Baz Very Active Member

    I used to have ripping errors on large files. That was on my old computer. A 1.7 gig P4 with 1Gig of ram running on windows 98. Ripping program that was with Flexi was Color choice 1.

    All those things Except for the CPU caused the errors. First of all windows 98 is FAT 32 file system. It is limited to processes not exceeding 4 gig (if i remember correctly), when your ripping large files you can exceed that. So solution to that is Windows XP using the NTFS file system.

    1 gig of ram is not enough for those big files. So you should double that up. And as far as speed of ripping. This is CPU and software related. Get the biggest CPU you can afford and the newer versions of ripping software by Roland ar also faster. For example Roland Color Choice 2 is 25% faster than 1.

    Hope this helps.

    BTW. A .psd file is really big. Save your .psd file for future use of the layers but you should flatten the image and save as a .tiff for a print file.