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Flexi problems

Discussion in 'Flexi' started by Todd Jelle, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Todd Jelle

    Todd Jelle Member

    Jun 1, 2006
    I have a few of the issues descibed below
    I'm running 7.6 V2 pro, & expert...I was thinking about buying designer for a new staition, but not until I hear from other long time users .

    I want to know if others have seen this stuff in 7.6v2 & if the same problems or new problems exist in V8

    I have v8 but haven't installed it do to fear it wont be any better as past experiences have shown.
    And now this seems to be well founded, as I see users of 8 are having problems. Search this forum....

    On several occasions I've found it suddenly starts running extremely slow while node editing on random files. This has to be the most annoying things I've ever experienced. I'm talking 30 seconds or more for a single node command. This has happened on extremely simple graphics as well as complicated ones. It seems to be "file specific" as often it takes literally recreating the file to clear it up. On a few occasions I've seen it be related to "specific to colors" in some of flexi color palattes, but not always.
    At such time other application are fine & the computers resources are fine!
    In production manager while cutting vinyl, Ive had error messages that says "unnamed file or command cannot be found" only later to find out it doesnt recognise colors in the library, therefore wont cut that color.
    Talk about a wild goose chase only to find out it doesn't recognise the colors in thecolor libraries installed with the software.
    On numerous occasions, I've also experienced design central locking the program while trying to modify an outline or outline color. The only way to get it unfrozen is to alt tab to another application then back again & its as if nothing was ever wrong...weird!
    There are 3 users in my shop & we all have found various issues with the software.
    At times I've told them it was them until I experienced it for myself!
    I don't understand why I pay for upgrades to a company who never addresses problems they should be well aware of after so many years!

    Also why can't we add fonts on the fly (without restarting the application?.... coerl draw has done this for years? You would think "A SIGN PROGRAM WOULD ADOPT THIS FEATURE"
    Sign people use FONTS....

    When talking to tech support, All I'm told is I need to buy the new upgrade & everything will be fine!
    I've heard this before...bought upgrades still finding previous bugs are not repaired.

    I don't want to install a program that, I may find several months down the road works no better or has more problems than the current version I'm running.
    Any input from experienced long time users is welcome.
    Thank You
    Todd Jelle<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  2. Replicator

    Replicator Major Contributor

    Nov 19, 2006
    Sun City, AZ
    You've definitely got some weird stuff going on . . .

    I've never heard of anyone here having issues like that !

    Have you tried getting a hold of SAi Tech Support ? ? ?
  3. Velocity

    Velocity Member

    Aug 6, 2006
    Thats a new one to me. My biggest issue with Flexi is it occasionally looses its mind and cuts exactly a half inch away from the desired cut line. Drives me crazy.
  4. Todd Jelle

    Todd Jelle Member

    Jun 1, 2006
    That sounds like a device/software interface issue to me.

    As for my problems, I know this software very well. Maybe I depend on it to much & should start just cutting vinyl from it only, or using it as a rip.

    Have you ever had ghost line positions on screen when zoomed in tight on nodes? ( not corrected when redrawing)
    or, created an outline over a favorite font with a releif block shadow that refuses to put a correct cut line in the center of an "O" unless the the outline size is of the softwares liking?
    like a mathematical glitch...
    The only way it can be done is to first seperate shadow effect & then apply the outline to the shadow by itself.
    what a PIA.
    These things I just mentioned are not weird things, as I've seen other sign guys have the same issues right in front of me, we laugh together about it...but it no laughing matter that after countless new upgrades these issues still exist!
    I now other local & regional sign shops who have the very same issues with Flexi that I do...nuff said?
  5. Todd Jelle

    Todd Jelle Member

    Jun 1, 2006
    again also why can't we add fonts on the fly?
    corel does it

    its a PIA to have to close the app just to add a font!

    DARLAK Guest

    this happened to me years ago on a system with a certain athlon processor. i was told that it had a error in some floating point proccessing.... didn't quite believe the diagnosis, but it doesn't happen anymore and i have a new proccesor....
  7. Todd Jelle

    Todd Jelle Member

    Jun 1, 2006
    SAi doesn't seem to even know their own software.
    back when 5.9 was around , I had a tech tell me he took notes on what I told them and they would address the issues in a future version.

    I used to document stuff, have them go thru the steps to create scenarios..
    they were always like, wow...that's weird...when he had the same results.
    He said,"we will have to address that..."
    (I even told them how I found my way around the problem.)
    I never got solutions that were viable

    upon calling them back after a new release ,same problem & the same tech ;he told me I was just going to have to continue to do things the way I described in the old version.

    He might have well as told me, "they couldn't fix it" or "they weren't going

    that would have been much more professional.
    In my opinion the techs I've talked to as of late aren't as knowledgeable as he was, or they just don't care.
    Who wants to stop every job were a problem arises, to call TS , & document the problem only to find nothing is ever done about it anyway.

    SAi tech .... "Save this & that, "clear preferences" or "
    "Save this & that & reload"
    or "its your OS",
    "its a conflict"
    I think, I've heard it all

    New OS don't fix it
    New computers don't fix it

    sorry , so winded

  8. Todd Jelle

    Todd Jelle Member

    Jun 1, 2006
    very interesting

    current computers:

    flexi pro
    Intel, pentium 4 CPU, 2.4 GHz, 940 MB RAM
    OS: XP pro service pk 2
    Printing, & design station

    Flexi expert
    X86 fam 6 model 8 stepping 6
    384 MB RAM
    OS: Win 98
    Hey it works, more reliable than my 2 other computers with XP
    had it for a while
    used primarily for cutting vinyl.