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Flexisign pro Demo download? 8.5?

Discussion in 'Flexi' started by CustomRide, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. CustomRide

    CustomRide Member

    Aug 13, 2008
    Im just curious if there is a demo to download so we can try out the Flexisign pro 8.5v1. If anyone knows if such a thing is available and where at please let me know.

  2. high impact

    high impact Very Active Member

    Contact a reseller of Flexi. They have a demo cd they can give you but I don't know what is functional and I have no clue for how long before it locks down.
  3. ProWraps™

    ProWraps™ Guest

    chances are they do have a trial if you do as mentioned above. but i can almost guarantee, it will only allow you to peruse the software and test its design capabilities. not allow you to output to a printer or a plotter.
  4. stickygraphics12

    stickygraphics12 Member

    Sep 2, 2008
    At the Atlantic city show they were giving out demos of 8.6 and I grabbed a copy to try it so I am sure that you could contact a reseller for a demo. The only thing is you can't save any work, no printing capabilities, or cutting.

    If you can't find a demo I will be more than happy to send you mine!
  5. novedist

    novedist Member

    Oct 4, 2007
    They have the demo on their website which is actually a full version. You just add your key and serial number. I tried downloading it a few times but it doesn't support resuming and will only go to to 400mb and it is 3M. So I had to order the CD and paid 20 bucks. I guess they need the money for their move to Salt Lake City. That's why they made it impossible to download.:peace!:

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