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Grainy reds

Discussion in 'Roland' started by john1, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. john1

    john1 Guest

    Hey guys, I am using 3165ra with the Oracal profile for it and i have my blacks pretty decent but for some reason reds light and dark are really grainy/splotchy. I have always had this issue and could never figure it out. It happens on any gloss adhesive media. Gloss banner prints really good.

    I did the calibrations and all for the machine, changed heat settings, profiles and recently cleaned it. I am having this problem only on gloss material, On matte (other brand) it prints perfect.

    Versacamm SP-300i with Versaworks (newest updated) and corel draw, Any ideas how to fix it?

  2. Bly

    Bly Very Active Member

    Mar 9, 2004
    Try slowing the head down and see what happens.
  3. 2B

    2B Moderator

    May 5, 2011
    reds and grey scale are some of the hardest colors do to IMO.

    For us the designer finally profiled his own red colors and that seemed to do the trick.
    Im not sure what else he did, heat, speed, height, etc...
    VS 640s OEM inks latest VW
  4. Jack Knight1979

    Jack Knight1979 Very Active Member

    Jan 23, 2008
    I can get deep reds, but only with custom profiles. I have to pump up the yellow channel a bit. There is a fine line here. If you go to high everything goes greenish.
  5. john1

    john1 Guest

    How much is too little to go at a time? I have never messed with this part before. In VW it's saying it's currently set to 760

    Thanks everyone!
  6. john1

    john1 Guest

    Well, Changed it all the way from 760-700-600 to 500 and the same results. It reduced the blotchy/grain of the red BARELY. Changed heat settings, profiles and all. Same results it seems.
  7. tomence

    tomence Very Active Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    If this is happening only on 3165 or some other cheap Oracal vinyl i think it is the vinyl and not your printer. I think you should try different alternatives and see how it goes. There was one thread about the 3165 which i think this is the one: http://www.signs101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=78322
  8. john1

    john1 Guest

    Well, Finally just got a more acceptable darker red that's less blotchy and grainy using uni-direction, 700 head speed with print 40c and dryer 35c with the 3165ra profile.

    I was using matte 3MIJ35 but didn't get my newest roll due to how they are doing the industry. I really wish Oracal had more matte vinyls.
  9. Fivestar

    Fivestar Member

    Aug 7, 2009
    Have you tried Roland PR42K and PR43K reds? That's what I use and they come out beautiful.
  10. ProWraps

    ProWraps Very Active Member

    Sep 30, 2009
    ink levels are too high. ink not drying fast enough. either bump up heat, or decrease ink levels.
  11. john1

    john1 Guest

    Hey Chris, I tried the heat all the way up and all that. How do i adjust the ink levels?

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