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HELP! It's Saturday and I ran out of ink >_<

Discussion in 'Roland' started by MakeMyGraphic, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. MakeMyGraphic

    MakeMyGraphic Member

    Feb 21, 2012
    San Diego
    sooo I am such a newbie to EcoSol printers and I am in a tight spot right now, I am at a fair event about 2 hours away from home and the fair ends late Sunday aaaand I made a slight misscalculation and ran out of black ink just now -__- woops.... sooo my BN-20 is beeping at me... I was wondering if I am in major trouble since it wont stop beeping and because since I ran out of ink (I only brought extra yellow and cyan with me, but no black and the black is what ran out) my bad :\ sooo since it is Sunday tomorrow places do not open until Monday *urgh!* and I wont be back in town (where my supplier has ink) until mid-day Monday soo... is there a way for me to keep my machine from going bad since I wont be able to replace the ink until Monday? Or am I screwed? >__< I feel like an idiot for not forseeing this! I had a full cartridge when I left and I just thought it would last me. Any advice???
  2. Mosh

    Mosh Major Contributor

    Oct 19, 2009
    First problem is a 20" machine...LOL. as long as the head is docked you shouldn't have a problem, I am pretty sure. Good lesson to have one of each color, but I am sure you have already figured that out. Not 100% but I wouldn't worry about any damage to your machine. I had one of my i54 run out of a color while printing overnight while I wasn't there and it was fine, I just plugged a new cart in. Pretty sure you are in the same boat, don't get too worried
  3. Flame

    Flame Major Contributor

    Apr 26, 2006
    Keep the head docked over the weekend and you should be perfectly fine. But yeah, definitely always keep 1 extra set of carts around at all time.

    Just dock em up until you can replace ink!
  4. Cyw

    Cyw Member

    Apr 20, 2011
    So you're saying that you went through a whole full black cartridge in one day?
    I didn't even know that was possible with a BN-20, considering how slow it prints

    Are you sure someone just didn't bump into the cartridge and it got dislodged?
  5. DizzyMarkus

    DizzyMarkus Active Member

    Jan 23, 2012
    I learned the hard way also -- always extra carts :0)

    My 300v sat all weekend before, docked till tuesday when I could get ink. All was well -- I did run a cleaning cycle just because :0)

  6. premiercolour

    premiercolour Sales and services from S. California

    It is a Roland. You should not have problems. I think Japanese have thought of any common scenarios when they come to make their machines. Running out of ink, you are covered by their worst scenario just over the weekend or they will have different formula in the inks that wont' dry over the weekend.

    We have replacement eco solvent ink for Eco Max ink cartridge. I do have a few eco max inks that is half full. Call me if you need a hand. I can print for you if you need that banner so badly for sunday.
  7. splizaat

    splizaat Very Active Member

    Sep 19, 2007
    Pac NW
    Clip the little tab that sticks out the cartridge and continue printing..there's another thread on this that was just posted. It should at least get you through a couple more prints.
  8. MikePro

    MikePro Major Contributor

    Feb 3, 2010
    Racine, WI
    black ink? you're in luck!
    use your waste bottle and fill the cartridge with a syringe!
    (*disclaimer, has been successful on jv3 solvent printer... not sure about ecosol inks whatsoever)
  9. SlightlyChilled

    SlightlyChilled Very Active Member

    Dec 19, 2009
  10. kanini

    kanini Member

    Jul 13, 2012
    I wouldn't really try to mix in the waste ink though... the solvents could have evaporated while in the waste bottle, the color shift would be likely and you could end up with more problem than having the printer docked as stated above until you get a new cart. That will not be any problem... In a solvent printer the ink mixing could work better where you run a lot of ink trough it and are not scared to waste a litre of ink to clean it out later on... :smile:
  11. MakeMyGraphic

    MakeMyGraphic Member

    Feb 21, 2012
    San Diego
    Thanks guys LOL

    Wow, my Boyfriend always shakes his head at me at the predicaments I get into, but he always assures me it's "OK" it just felt like my Boyfriend responded 10 fold here hahaha, thanks guys :) you are very helpful.

    @Mosh - :p first people poke fun at me for my PC-12 and PC-600 now this :x I wont be able to escape judgement HAHAHA

    @MikePro - LMAO waste ink?! Seriously that almost made coffee come out my nose reading that thanks for making my day/night :)

    @Splizzat - I will take a look at that thread now :)

    Sorry guys, I just been busy with this little event I have totally forgotten to stay active on this board and when my ink ran out it seemed someone shook the heck out of my little snowglobe haha, but I'm glad you are all willing to lend me your advice :p even though it ends up being me getting hammered over the head with "I told you so"s haha :)

    sooo yes lesson learned

    My Lesson: If you leave for more than 10 days to some remote location that doesn't even have a supply store within 30 minutes then YES bring extra carts, and just because you have a full cart doesn't mean it will last you 10 days with a tiny machine.

    tsk tsk... but again... I appreciate you all very much for helping me achieve this peace of mind :) my machine is still alive, still printing fine, not beeping at me (which I have come to see as cencorship IRL, well at least it feels like it's being censored every time it beeps at me) thanks guys :)

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