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help Tony...

Discussion in 'Gerber Omega, Graphix Advantage & MacImprint' started by Marlene, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Marlene

    Marlene Major Contributor

    Jun 8, 2004
    I am having some issues with 5.0 I can't open PDFs or .ai files and now I can't install fonts. I have used my Omega font & library disk dated Dec 14, 2005 to install and uninstall fonts throught font manager in Tray for years and all the upgrades and it has always worked. I inserted the 5.0 with the fonts incase it wasn't working with 5.0 and it too won't allow me to install fonts. I can uninstall fonts with either disk, but no installing of fonts. I usually can open .ai or .eps files snet by customers but lately, I can't open any. I also could open PDFs but now can't.
    another problem is when I create a layout, then scale it down to print, then go back to the full sized version, the font stays the letter height of the scaled down version. it looks full size, it says it is full sized when I click on "shape" and "size" but when I click to open "enter text" it is small like the scaled version and won't go back to full size. if I make any changes in the copy or add to it, all the copy comes up tiny on screen

    any help would be appreciated
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
  2. Tony Teveris

    Tony Teveris Active Member

    Marlene, did you get this resolved? I've been on vacation. Did you end up getting to Tech Support?

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