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Horrible experience and problems with new Mimak UJF-7151 printer, support and service

Discussion in 'Mimaki' started by armandolo, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. armandolo

    armandolo Member

    Dec 24, 2013
    San Mateo
    I want to share my experience with a purchase of brand new UJF-7151.

    We experienced nothing but problems from day one with no real care or support from Mimaki. Problems still exist after year an a half with no resolution. This was the worst and most unreliable machine we have.

    Problem 1) Machine arrived with damaged ball bearings. There was no sign of drop or any external damage. Assembly just seemed it didn't pass QC. This was fixed by the dealer

    Problem 2) Machine wiper keeps breaking and either falls off or the tube to clear the excess ink snaps internally causing the ink to flow into the machine, this happened 4 times already and just recently we saw more ink in the machine. more improper fixes caused head being stuck on improperly moving wiper assembly

    Problem 3) Magenta channel had so many problems, its keep misting magenta all over the substrate. The dealer has been at our shop I wanna say weekly. They fix one thing, and another issue arrives. I don't even want to mention the improper fixes. Mimaki came out and they tried to fix it but again the problem exists. despite support managers assurances that he will assist me further, he never returned my numerous calls about this problem. PROBLEM STILL EXISTS. They blame everything but the magenta channel.

    I could go on with how many times this machine was opened, parts changed, ink flushed, pressures and temperatures changed, but fact of the matter is, we can not reliably print on this machine.

    Every day we turn on the machine with fingers crossed if its going to work or not. Z-motor Error, Wiper Error, Temperature error etc etc. Alas we have a new UNRESOLVED OVERFLOW problem and have to get the technician in again. This is now a 1.5 yo machine with nothing but headaches.
    Update on this: They say subtank needs to be changed and its on back order for three weeks. Go figure.

    I do realize that sometimes machines have inherent defects (We had a Gravograph IS8000XP with problems. Gravotech replaced the machine twice and extended the warranty.) but Mimaki's service was horrible on top of the defective machine. They wanted no accountability, blamed the dealer and at the end we were stuck with a sub-par machine that did not live up to its expectations.

    We had such positive experience with Gravotech, that did not hesitate to place an order for LS1000XP Laser. I WILL NEVER consider another Mimaki product for the simple fact that they will not take care of their defective machines.

    #Mimaki #ujf7151 #horribleservice
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
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  2. Rick Tennyson

    Rick Tennyson Member

    Sep 14, 2019
    Thank you for this post. Thanks to sites and post like this, keeps all buyers focused on products that we should stay clear of. It’s one thing to have an issue with some equipment, but it’s another for terrible service. :eek:
  3. thesignpost

    thesignpost Member

    Nov 3, 2011
    Las Vegas
    That sux, it sounds like you have a lemon on your hands.

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