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How to properly dispose of neon signs?

Discussion in 'LEDs and Neon' started by ColoPrinthead, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. Can anyone here enlighten me as to whether there is a proper way to dispose of unbroken neon signs? Is it safe to just toss it in a dumpster?

  2. Texas_Signmaker

    Texas_Signmaker Very Active Signmaker

    Oct 21, 2016
    Frisco, TX
    That's a good question. Every sign shop I've seen tosses it in the garbage...or collects it outside in their backyard along with every other sign they've taken down since opening their business.

    I think I usually just keep them in the sign when I take them to the scrap yard and let them deal with it.
  3. Martin Denton

    Martin Denton Member

    Aug 17, 2017
    Manchester, UK
    Sell them on EBay - be surprised how many people want a neon sign for their Kitchen or Beer Garden, :)
  4. Due to the mercury, we recycle it just like fluorescent bulbs. We do service signs so we have a recycler that comes to our shop to pick up.
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  5. KMC

    KMC Graphic Artist

    Feb 12, 2018
    not all of them will have mercury in it but then again its always better to be safe (but the amount of mercury will be less than whats in a thermometer) they only add that to make the neon or argon pop

    as for neon or argon gas they are non toxic
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  6. If you know anyone who wants one that reads "AERA RUGS" send them my way
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