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Huge THANK YOU to Bret & James at DENCO SALES

Discussion in 'Vendor Shout Out' started by SkyPrintAlex, May 18, 2015.

  1. SkyPrintAlex

    SkyPrintAlex Alex

    Sep 10, 2012
    Gilbert, Az
    So here I was dealing with not being able to print while the damn versacamm was cutting. I was delayed on jobs so much I'd have to come in on the weekends to get work done. I started teh hunt for a separate print solution. I figure "I already have a Roland, might as well stick there." I had my mind set on a 60" cutter from Roland. I called 10 dealers within the area for a quote. Not one took the time to figure out if I was really buying what I needed. I called Denco and Bret was out of the office. I wanted to give them their fair shot at it.

    When Bret called he asked why I chose the Roland Cutter. I said "I don't know, because I figure it will go easily with my work flow." He took the time to ask what I was mainly doing with my printer. I told him mainly did large runs of print and cut/perf cut materials. He asked if it was okay to provide his recommendation for the application I am doing. Of Course I said Yes.

    I tend to do a lot of heavy cutting and perf cutting. He recommended the Graphtec FC8600-160 (I already have a 54" versacam, but will update that next year). This one has a specific cut channel for perf cutting. I ordered it, They delivered it to my office. I couldn't wait to see it so I set it up myself (although I had free setup).
    James came at the time arranged to show me how to use it. I knew how to do basic things. He showed me how to integrate the cutter into my work flow. He showed me how to set up files and how to trouble shoot common issues.

    Although Denco did not need to offer me training, they did. They gave me the best price. I told him I didn't need training, but he asked if it okay if I got some anyway. Of COURSE!

    My rating on a 5 scale
    Consultation - 5stars
    Sales Process - 5 stars
    installation and training - 5 stars

    They have definitely earned my equipment purchases for a long while if not forever.

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