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In Need of RS RACE CRUISER logo for decal

Discussion in 'Logo Design' started by Pink Pig Print, May 17, 2018.

  1. Hi (do not know if posting in the right place).
    I am in need of the outline for a RV / Motorhome decal for the RS RACE CRUISER.
    Can anyone help? i have searched hi and low for this and cannot find it. i cannot even find a good image to redraw ti. any help would be good. i have even contacted the dealership but not had a reply
  2. Jester1167

    Jester1167 Very Active Member

  3. Thank Q for the reply. Jester1167.
    Yes, the same image i have. and the best i can find. i have contacted RS motorhomes to see if they can help, but not had a reply yet.
    The image is not a good one of the text but i will see if i can redraw it for our client.

    Thank Q
  4. SignsSupport

    SignsSupport Support & Tech Administrator

    Jan 16, 2017
    Trace and touch up the image in Illustrator?
    I don't profess to be an absolute professional designer - but I'm sure it's a bit of simple work (time-consuming, yet simple) to create an outline of the RV.
    Just a few clicks in Illustrator and I see:

    RS-Motorhome-Sportshome-4LR1500.png RS-Motorhome-Sportshome-4LR1500_boop.png

    A bit of busy-work to be sure. The image could be cleaned up quite a bit, the background removed with the lettering better pronounced, shapes/pieces a bit more defined.
    Just an idea... HTH,

    Last edited: May 18, 2018
  5. Thank you.
    I have recreated the artwork for on both sides and the back and front. it is just the logo "RS RACE CRUISER" that i cannot get as need the font. i have some images of the logo but they are not sharp enough to redraw the front.

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