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Job Id?

Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by pnklout, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. pnklout

    pnklout New Member

    Dec 16, 2013
    Well it's about time I asked for your help.

    I am not the newbie in this job as I have been around since let's just say about 15 years or so. I am actively looking to pursue a career somewhere abroad (the UK and AU been a couple of possible choices for me) therefore I need to know what I should expect in any job related issue.

    So, for anyone who feels like he can spare a couple of minutes my question is at the bottom end of these lines.

    I 've been in this job as stated before for roughly 15 years. Started doing simple logos in corel and business cards for friends and family and soon ended up doing almost everything from creative design to technical drawings customer support, fabrications, you name it. Now I am in a medium sized signage company and since i've joined the team we also expanded to various display stands etc.

    I will describe (in as little detail as I can) what I do and the help I ask is to know how you would you name this.

    first of all i get briefed from sales on a given project. (suppose a client needs a chocolate counter stand)
    I make contact directly with customer to clear out anything the sales men can't. (items to be in stand, max dimensions needed etc)
    I jump in coreldraw to make my 2d drawings for any construction I have to make.
    I use photoshop to create all the visual graphics (branding etc)
    I then make a 3d model for my client to see using 3ds max (i take renders from 2-3 angled positions)
    after making any changes my client needs I finalize my drawings and make a real size sample (which i than take to the customer for approval)
    next step is production so if i am lucky i have a couple of people doing all the hands on work. if not that falls on me as well.
    finally the product is packaged, and everyone is happy.

    of course there are several "easy" days at work when you get orders for banners, or stickers, or simple signs but all the fun is in making constructions..

    You should however keep in mind that I am and experienced operator of various printers, machinery, cnc routers, vinyl cutters and so on so I alone know if what I design is actually creatable.

    on the downside I hate heights so you wouldn't see me actually fitting a sign for example, although I am on site all of the time either for measurements or simply checking on people doing their job correctly.

    So, what is my job where you live, or in other words, if you were me would you find something worth the effort or not?

    thanks for reading this and I appreciate all thoughts and answers..

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