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LED strip lighting ?

Discussion in 'Electric Signs & Channel Letters' started by JET, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. JET

    JET Member

    Apr 28, 2009
    Has anyone used the new LED adhesive strip lighting?

    They come in 5 meter rolls with 30 - 60 LED's per meter and run on 12 volts.
    They are supposed to save a lot in electricity and throw a lot of light.

    I want to use the ribbon LED's for backlighting images.

    The rope LED's can be bent and curved for channel letters.

    Any concerns I should have?

    Looking for gallery frames and sign frames in kit form.
    Also looking for manufacturers to buy frames and LED's at wholesale prices.
  2. cgsigns_jamie

    cgsigns_jamie Very Active Member

    I like Axiom LED's. Just used them for a recent set of channel letters and they were very bright.

    I've heard great reviews about Axiom on TheSignSyndicate.com

    That site is a great resource for the electric side of the sign industry.
  3. Mainframe

    Mainframe Very Active Member

    I have used Sloan LED's & JT LED's & have been happy with both. Got them from Nglantz

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