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Need Help Looking to buy locally Soljet III XC 540, some questions

Discussion in 'Roland' started by Boyanski, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Boyanski

    Boyanski Member

    Sep 16, 2019
    i am a one man small sign shop. So after long thought i found near me used XC 540 in more or less good shape and price / 3k euro installed in my shop/ . I started from BN 20 and thought even for a new Epson which i can not justify, as i am still 1 year old shop. I know about the benefit of having 1 head instead of 6, but i also would like to learn and service it by myself. Also roland are the most popular printers by a margin, here in Spain

    Anyway. Went today to see the printer. Looks like a tank. Guy changed cap in front of me so more or less that introduced me in maintenance. Have watched maintenance videos.

    Now the printer works with some compatible inks comparable to Eco Sol Max. And they smell . Can this printer be turned to latest Eco Sol Max 3 inks and is there some benefit of this?

    Anyway i will be using Inktec inks which i use on my Photo printers and sublimation printer and i am happy with them, same price at 69 per liter, like the no name ones they are using now.

    The printer has installed 12 catridges at the back and they simply refill them in place, so probably some kind of bulk upgrade, has a automatic roll mechanism also. I believe is better than a simple SP, VP and so on.

    Its a bit battered, i mean ink spills around the pumps, but more or less looks good to me. Looked inside It seems to me not so many parts that can fail, tubes, pumps, dampers, wipers and caps.

    Here are some photos , what do you say guys? I know, Epson, but no money for 40 or 60 or 80 series, only can find used 30 series here and not sure about that. Guy said 2 heads were changed last year. He is a big sign shop so printing everyday of its life . Printer is currently working though he has new 160cm one also and he wants to sell this one.

    Basically most of all i will be doing stickers, textile transfers and car vinyls, maybe wraps sometimes, but mostly to water jets. Occasional photo print.




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